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Four methods of identification

Formal visual id
-Id parade
-Photo montage
Voice id
Finger, palm and footprints
Forensic examination


Requirements when conducting formal ID procedures

Montage - pictorial record
Others - minimum of 7 to compare
Record - written record of procedure
Procedure - complies with relevant regulations
Asap - after the offence is reported
Inclusion - witness told suspect may/may not be included
No indication - as to id of suspect


4 Keys to a photo montage

Must be at least 7 other photos of people similar to suspect
Must be devoid of names or other indications of identity
No assistance to be given to witness and witnesses are not to confer
Once a witness has made an id decide on other witnesses making id


6 Reasons for a formal visual procedure not to be followed

Suspect REFUSES to take part and Police do not already hold a photo
Suspect has SINGULAR appearance
Suspect has substantially changed APPEARANCE
No officer could have anticipated ID would be an issue
An id of the suspect was made to an officer SOON after the offence was reported
An id of the suspect was made to an officer after a CHANCE meeting between suspect and person making id


Examples of forensic evidence

Hair, skin, body tissue and fluids including semen
Nail scrapings