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Major sub sectors of hospitality

> Bars - specialist wine bars, general bars
> Restaurants - non-destination, casual dining, fine dining


Key features of specialist wine bars

> Specialize in selling wine
> Independent or small chain
> Knowledgeable staff
> Wine of smaller producers, less well known regions / varieties
> High involvement customers
> Many offer food


What kind of producers could be attracted to specialist wine bars

> Small producer from less well-known regions / varieties
> Medium sized producer producing high quality wine - to larger chains of wine bars who have their own-label wines


Why do specialist wine bars not usually have big-name wine brands

> Cannot compete on price with larger bar chains with stronger purchasing power


Features of general bars

> Limited wine range from well-known regions / varieties
> Inexpensive or mid-priced
> Local wine in producer countries
> Wine costs considerably more than in shops - some producers have brands sold only to hospitality sector
> May have specific theme that skews the range of drinks on offers


Features of non-destination restaurants

> Customer not making meal main focus of lunchtime or evening
> Usually part of chain
> Wine from well-known regions / varieties, major brands
> Inexpensive / midpriced
> Local wine in producer countries
> May have country-based theme, so wine is from the relevant country


Features of casual dining restaurants

> Most independently owned
> Very high quality food and wine, without the formality of fine dining
> Mid-price to premium
> Food and wine pairing in mind
> Mix of better-known and less well-known
> Sufficiently trained staff
> Often country-themed restaurants, so wine is of relevant country + carefully chosen wine from other countries


Features of fine-dining restaurants

> Destination restaurants: experience and meal are the reasons for the visit
> Food and wine pairings particularly important
> Highly-skilled staff
> Wine of highest quality, often super premium
> Use brokers to seek out hard-to-find wines