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What happened in the release of US prisoners (1955) in relation to DH?

- 17 US prisoners were held by PRC aft the KW and were accused of espionage
- SC attempts to resolve the crisis were vetoed by the USSR
- 'Peking Formula': he separated himself from the GA resolution that condemned the PRC, and negotiated by inserting phrases like "in the name of the UN" and "use the means most appropriate to his judgement" --> gave the SG greater indep as an indep and netral envoy of the UN. Dag also pursued "private diplomacy" and he personally met PRC foreign minister Zhou Enlai and successfully negotiated the release of prisoners


What happened in the Suez Crisis (1956) in relation to DH?

- conceptualised PK: he was given a big role in the organising of UNEF I under the UFP resolution that condemned the invasion of Egypt by Israel, UK and France
- he assembled the force and undertook the difficult negotiations w Egypt on the terms on which it would be accepted and its composition
- also skilfully retained the goodwill of member states, amongst resistance from P-5 members (UK & Fr veto) and intl condemnation by 3rd World ctys of UK & Fr
- he was credited with developing the 3 fundamental tenets of PK: consent, neutrality and non-use of force


What happened in the Congo Crisis (1960) in relation to DH?

- he helped organise ONUC with the aim of restoring peace and order until responsible self-government could be established
- but in-fighting meant ONUC faced immense challenges. e.g. Lumumba wanted to use ONUC to crush the Katangan secession, but Dag refused, wanting to maintain neutrality and keep the UN from intervening in internal affairs --> this refusal earned the hostility of the USSR
- plus death of Lumumba & Congo Club --> USSR accused the SG of bias and Khrushchev pushed for a "troika"