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What happened in the Iranian Crisis (1946) in relation to Lie?

- USSR refused to w'draw troops from Iran & even extended pol control by setting up the pro-Soviet "People's Democratic Republics"
- Lie issued the Iran Memorandum that stipulated that Iran should no longer remain on the SC agenda once the USSR w/draws. pro-Soviet Republics would still remain though --> displeased the US who accused Lie of being biased twds USSR
- CW rivalry made it hard for the SG to manoeuvre in a bipolar world.


What happened in the Korean War (1950) in relation to Lie?

- Lie labelled North Koreans as aggressors
- supported US/UN intervention and had helped organise UN efforts in Korea
- mended his relations w the US but earned the hostility of the USSR, who said he was biased
- USSR vetoed his nomination for a 2nd term, eventually the GA extended his term for 3 more years. nonetheless USSR refusal to recognise him as the SG crippled his ability to continue functioning as the SG and forced his resignation.


What happened in the McCarthyism in relation to Lie?

- Lie allowed the FBI to set up a unit in the UN headquarters to vet future applications for staff, fingerprinting and questioning. The US conducted 2000 investigations on American employees.
- Lie severely criticised bc the UN was not supposed to receive instructions from any national gov --> damaged reputation of the UN


Lie's personality?

- Lie's frankness and willingness to voice his political views was problematic in the context of the emerging CW. He did not look on himself as a neutral mediator trying to end a conflict btwn 2 antagonists. It was clear in his eyes that the UN had to beat back aggression --> unable to deal with sensitivities of the CW conflict.