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What does philosophy mean?

The love of _____
not D


Which of the following is not a chief benefit you can derive from the study of philosophy (according to Beardsley)

New and profound wisdom


Does Beardsley(s) think our beliefs can change our actions?



What dos Russell think of the uncertainty of philosophy?

e.) Both B and D
B) The uncertainty in philosophy is largely the reason we ought to peruse philosophy
D) " " " " will largely help our imaginations and thus we ought to study philosophy because of its questions with uncertain answers


which of the following is not a benefit of philosophy by Russell?

Philosophy will provide you with sufficient empirical evidence to live a satisfying life


What analogy does Russell provide to describe a life without philosophy?

Prison and Strife


Beardsley believes philosophy raises important life questions. Which of the following is not a philosophical question mentioned in the text?

Do all humans have an ultimate telos?


What is validity?

An argument is valid when, if all of its premises are true its conclusion must be true


What is soundness?

An argument is sound when all of its premises are true and its structure is valid


What is required for a deductive arguments conclusion as true?

all of the above
-The argument must be valid
- The argument must be sound
- The argument must make logical sense