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Post modern

Crosses all dance genres, world concert dance, folk, performance , multicultural exchanges

Constantly changing
Creates wide variety and unpredictablility to reach more audiences
Hard to categorize by genre


Characteristics of dance today

Blend of theatrical dance forms , cultural folk dances , athleticism, minimalism

Technique is very specific to choreographers vision and choreographer collaborates with dancers

Subject matter is limitless

Environments of where dance is performed is in direct correlation to the choreography

Blurred gender lines
Less restraint on costuming

Extensive use of technology and imagery.



Formed in 1917 as a result of improvisational class

Focused on the collaborated to create works that are athletic , visually stimulating and rely on human body



Created by Moses Pendleton after splitting from Pilobus

Very acrobatic, circus like


Bill Jones

Combines energetic forceful movement with film dialogue

Many pieces based on personal experiences.


Mark Morris

Combines European folk dancing , classical music, and storytelling choreography.

Known for gender jokes


Pina Bausch

Proponent of Tanztheatre a for, of expression and dramatic dance


Mathew Bourne

Choreographer with different takes on swan lake,

Mary poppies


Judith Jamison

Dancer for Ailey

Places strong priority on individuality of performers

School now trains over 3000 students


Hip hop

Emerged as a form of street dance to rap music
Dance fighting
Breakdancing , krumpimg , and other ( style depended on dancer )
Women began to break through
Seen on tv, music videos


Jump rhythm mass project

Created by bills siegenfeld 1980 in Chicago, jazz specific company , focused on "rhythm first"


Mia Michaels

Known for her choreography , Emmy award for contemporary style