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What are the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998?

- lawfully processed for relevant purpose
- Processed only for relevant purposes
- necessary and not excessive to hold
- up to date
- Not kept longer than necessary
- Processed in line with the data subject rights
- Kept securely
- Not transferred to countries with different data protection laws.


Who polices the DPA 1998? And what is the penalty?

Information Commissions Office (ICO)

Penalty is a fine - £500k max


What is your company doing about GDPR?



When does GDPR come into force?

25 May 2018 (next Friday)


What are the key requirements of GDPR?

- Conduct data protection impact assessment
- Rights for individuals to have access to information held and to have it erased.
- data accountability - organisations have to prove how they are complying with the new regulations.
- Security breaches will need to be reported to ICO
- Max fine of €20m or 4% global turn over