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What is Relative Dating?

Not getting an actual year, but trying to figure out if something is older or younger.


What is an example of Relative Dating?

Stratigraphy - the study of layers.
Dark layers indicate fire; first evidence of fire goes back a million years.


What Law deals with Relative Dating?

Law of Superposition; important when using the idea of index fossils; younger on top.


What is a Biological Dating Technique?

Dendrochronology - ring tree dating. Works only in temperate regions, and needs live trees available in the cultural context.


What are Dating Techniques based on Radioactive Decay?

K/Ar Dating - Volcanic activity; finds dates around human activity; half-life 1.25 billion years.
Ar/Ar Dating
C14 Dating - 60 000 years; half-life 5 730; precise date


What Dating Technique is based on Radiation Damage?

Thermoluminescence - background radiation; used for hearths.


What Dating Techniques are based on Geological Processes?

Paleomagnetic Dating - magnetic north is not a fixed point, heating causes molecules to arrange themselves toward magnetic north.
Archaeomagnetic Dating - cultural context used with the idea of magnetic north.