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disingenuous (adj)

Not candid or sincere, typically by pretending that one knows less about something than one really does


caveat (n)

A warning or proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations


proviso (n)

A condition or qualification attached to an agreement or statement



1. (v)(Of a police officer or other official) pass the hands over (someone) in a search for hidden weapons, drugs, or other items
2. (v) Skip or leap playfully; frolic
3. (n) An act of frisking someone:
4. (n) A playful skip or leap



1. (v) Play or move about in a cheerful and lively way
2. (n) A playful and lively movement or activity
3. (adj) Cheerful, merry, or playful


especial (adj)

1. Better or greater than usual; special
2. For or belonging chiefly to one person or thing


inform (v)

1. Give (someone) facts or information; tell
Give incriminating information about someone to the police or other authority
2. Give an essential or formative principle or quality to


defer (v)

1. Put off (an action or event) to a later time; postpone
2. Submit to or acknowledge the merit of


(adj) (n) /səˈbɔːdɪnət/
(v) /səˈbɔːdɪneɪt/

1. (Adj) Lower in rank or position
Of less or secondary importance
2. (n) A person under the authority or control of another within an organization
3. (v) Treat or regard as of lesser importance than something else
Make subservient to or dependent on something else


emergent (adj)

In the process of coming into being or becoming prominent


monetary (adj)

Relating to money or currency


homogeneous / homogenous
/ˌhɒmə(ʊ)ˈdʒiːnɪəs/ /həˈmɒdʒɪnəs/

Of the same kind; alike
Consisting of parts all of the same kind


profess (v)

1. Claim, often falsely, that one has (a quality or feeling)
2. Affirm one’s faith in or allegiance to (a religion or set of beliefs)
(be professed) Be received into a religious order under vows



1. (v) (Chiefly of large mammals) roll about or lie in mud or water, especially to keep cool or avoid biting insects
(Of a boat or aircraft) roll from side to side
2. (v) (wallow in) (Of a person) indulge in an unrestrained way in (something that one finds pleasurable)
3. (n) An act of wallowing
4. (n) A depression containing mud or shallow water, formed by the wallowing of large mammals



1. (n) An area of wet muddy ground that is too soft to support a heavy body
2. (v) (be/get bogged down) Be or become stuck in mud or wet ground
Be prevented from making progress in a task or activity


besotted (adj)

1. Strongly infatuate
2. Intoxicated; drunk