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What is a defense mechanism in the brain?

The ego's ability to keep conflicts and unpleasurable thoughts out of the conscious mind to maintain normal equilibrium thoughts. However, can be a barrier to dealing with life situations/illness.


What is transferance?

Using past experiences/relationships of a similar person to change the way you feel about someone in another one of your relationships.


A man who has unconscious homosexual impulses begins to believe a male co-work is attracted to him? What mechanism?

- attributing one's own personal feelings onto other people with paranoia and prejudice, since they do not accept their own feelings.


If a man who lost an arm in an accident says it was good his lost his arm, because allowed him to find a path to his dream job. What defense mechanism?

- When distorting the perception of an event so that the negative outcome seems like it is more reasonable.


When a woman who unconsciously is resentful of the responsbilities of raising children overspends on gifts and clothing for her children. What mechanism?

Reaction Formation
- Adopting opposing attitudes to avoid unacceptable thoughts or emotions -- almost compensating for their unacceptable thoughts


A patient tells the doctor that he and the other partners are wonderful, however all the nurses at the office are unfriendly and awful. What mechanism?

- Splitting
- categorizing people or situations into categories of extreme feelings towards them


If a person who fought alot when younger goes on into professional fighting as an adult. What mechanism?

Sublimation --
- expressing unacceptable feelings into a socially acceptable way


A women steal money from one of her friends, then afterwards returns the money and is compelled to drive her to and from work for months. What mechanism?

- thinking that doing something good after doing something bad can correct the error


What is the difference between transference and countertransference?

Transference -- patients shift thoughts of someone else in their life to the doctor
Countertransference - the patient reminds the doctor of a friend and they are treated differently and can interfere with proper medical judgement


If a patient idolizes the doctor and begins having sexual feelings for the doctor. Example of what?

Positive Transference


If a patient becomes resentful and angry towards the doctor without knowing it due to the doctor reminding of them of a past unpleasant relationship.

Negative Transference


What kind of defense mechanism. Years ago a patient was driving when his and his girl friend were involved in a car accident where she was killed. He does not recall the event.

- mentally seperating consciousness from real life events to distance self from painful events


A person who had a critical and difficult math teacher when he was younger goes on to become a math teacher himself that is known as the hardest teacher in the school. What defense mechanism?

- patterning one's behavior after that of someone that influenced them currently or in the past.


As an airplane is going down about to crash into the ground, the pilot is able to calmly explain to airtraffic control what went wrong and what is happening in detail. What mechanism?

- using higher functions to avoid experiencing emotion in the current or past situation


While a father is explaining to his family the results of his prostate biopsy indicate it has metastasized and its inoperable without showing any emotion. What mechanism?

Isolation of Affect (maybe Intellectualization depending on scenario?)
- failing to experience emotion associated with a stressful event, but still understanding the seriousness of the event.


What are the order of development of the Id, Ego, and Superego?

Id -- birth, instinctive behaviors, primary processes
Ego -- begins development at birth, external world adapation and defense mechanisms
Superego -- begins to develop at 6, conscious


If a man is angry at his wife, but does not consciously acknowledge it, but yells at his children more frequently. What mechanism?

-moving emotions from a personally intolerable situation to another person or situation


A 32 year old man unconsciously is attracted to his wife's sister, but whenever his wife talks to other men he becomes very jealous.

Reaction Formation


A 45 year old man who does not like flying, repeatedly states his love of airplanes.

Reaction Formation
- denies his fear of flying and embrases the opposite idea of loving airplanes


What kind of disorder would most commonly be associated with identity disorder?

- parts of the consciousness is seperated from real life events


A father is called at work that his son was severely injured and on the way to the hospital. Before he leaves he arranges a replacement to fulfill his work requirement. What mechanism?

Suppression -- uses conscious defense mechanism to suppress his feelings temporarily


A women who frequently bakes cookies for her father who is abusive towards her. What mechanism?

Reaction Formation
-- opposite feelings and actions