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What drugs of abuse are associated with aggression?

- Cocaine
- Amphetamines
- Phencyclidine
- High doses of depressants like alcohol


What part of the brain and what kind of people have higher rates of aggression?

- Amygdala
- History of Head Trauma


What are signs to suspect child abuse in a child?

- often seem sad
- behavioral changes
- grades decrease
- STD/UTI in children
- genital trauma on exam


What are adults who were abused as children at greater risk for?

- Dissociative Disorders / Borderline Personality
- Depression and Substance abuse
- Abuse their own children


Who are people who are most likely to abuse a child or elderly?

- Close Family Member or Friend of Family


What are common characteristics of the person doing the abusing to either children or elderly?

- Substance Abuse
- Poverty / Social Isolation


Where are common areas for bruises/fractures to occur on victims, compared to normal activity bruising?

- Bruises NOT on bony prominences
- Inner flexor surfaces
- spiral fractures - multiple fractures at different phases of healing


What is a physician suppose to do if they suspect abuse of one of their patients?

- Required by law to report to the appropriate authorities
- NOT required to tell the patient / family they suspect abuse or need consent


What should a physician do immediately after a rape has occurred?

- Swab/Culture the orifaces for semen of the attacker
- Prescribe prophylactic antibiotics and emergency contraceptives preventatively
- Encourage the patient to notify the police


What is the greatest risk factor in a parent that they will abuse a child after the first time?

History of Abuse in the parents childhood


What location of injuries in a female adult correlate more commonly with domestic abuse?

- Facial and Head injuries


After a patient admits to have been beaten by their significant other, what should be one of the first questions asked by the physician?

- Do you think it is safe to return home to your husband?


A 18 year old retarded women with IQ of 50 agrees to have sexual intercourse with the 18 year old president of the high school senior class. Intercourse between these two is considered?

Statutory Rape
- Even though they are both 18, the mentally impaired are not capable of consenting and under state law is considered statutory rape by the 18 year old male.
- the mentally impaired female may not fully understand what her consent actually means and cannot be held to the same standard.


33 year old comes to the ED who reports she was raped 2 days ago after being on a date with a man. PEx is unremarkable without any physical evidence of rape, but she appears anxious and disheveled. What most likely happened to this women?

- A man who used a condom, thus no evidence
Women who have previously had babies may not have any signs of trauma.
- Most common defense mechanism is dissociation


7 year old and her mother are both found to have chlamydia, where is the child's infection most likely from?

Sexual Abuse -- by a common person to both individuals


On at least 3 different occasions a 10 year old steals lunch money from other children at school in his class. The boy is very thin with dirty clothing and lives with his mother and 3 other sibling in a motel room, what is the most common cause?

Child Neglect


A 93 year old female who has dementia and is incontinent lives with her daughter, but during the day stays at an adult daycare and in the afternoons is watched by her neighbor who have unemployed and alcoholic sons. The elderly women is brought to the ED by the adult daycare, who most likely abused the patient?

- The Daughter
- Immediate family members are much more likely than unrelated caregivers, even if alcoholic


What are the long term effects of battered women?

- increased hospitalization rates
- more abortions
- increased rate of psychiatric care / suicide attempts
- PTSD, Depression, Anxiety


Children who are exposed to adverse childhood events have higher rates of what later in life?

Dose Dependent Response
- Smoking / Alcoholism
- IV Drug Use
- Increased sexual partners
- Depression/Anxiety/Suicide


When should you be suspicious of intimate partner violence?

- Multiple stress related physical complaints


What are the most common barriers to identifying and treating partner violence?

- Lack of Trust that the physician won't turn them in
- Safety is jeopardized
- financial support compromised
- shame


How should you ask a patient about abuse in their relationship?

Start broad and get more specific
- has anyone punched, hit, harmed you in anyway over the past year?
- ask about current and previous relationships
- "what happens when you argue or fight?"
**Ask at any annual exams, well child exams, first time visits, or if you suspect it


What are keys to asking about sensitive subject matter?

- private without family members around
- professional interpreters
- inform the patient of confidentiality
- nonjudgemental tones
- ask "What" not "Why"


How can you help a patient with intimate partner violence?

- Support
- Safety -- make sure they are safe going home
- Options -- make emergency plan
- Strengths to build upon
- Document Thoroughly -- quotes, don't use alledged


What kind of sexual assault is more likely to be reported?

Stranger Sexual Violence
- Attacker wants to remain unknown to the victim


How should you approach the patient when dealing with sexual assault?

-- Give them power back and allow them to have choice and power in their road ahead. Their experience has taken the power away from them.