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What is key in diagnosing intellectual disability disorder?

- Deficits in general mental abilities
- Impairment of everyday functioning
- Generally begins during time of development


How can you test for intellectual disability?

- Standardize Testing by professionals, needs to be 2 standard deviations or more below the population average
- Deficits in Adaptive function - failure to meet developmental standards for personal independence


What are the three areas involved with Adaptive Functioning?

- Conceptual (Academic)
- Social Domain -- awareness of others thougths/feelings
- Practical Domain -- personal care and responsibility


What level of intellectual disorder
The patient has some difficulty learning in school and concrete problem solving only needing minimal support with complex daily living tasks.

Mild - "difficulty learning" "minimal support w/ complex tasks"


The patient can take care of themselves for personal needs including eating, dressing, and elimination; though an extended amount of time is required for teaching for the patient to become independent.

Moderate - "extensive teaching"


The patient seems to be immature in social interactions and simplistic use of language, difficulty perceiving social cues and regulating emotional behavior.

Mild - "immature"


The patient has very poor sense of understanding of money and language needing support for all activities of daily living. Limited spoken language.



The patient only uses nonverbal communication without understanding any conceptual symbolic processes.



The patient is completely dependent on others for all activities of daily living.



If a child seems to have difficulty with constructing proper sentence structure in speech with a limited vocabulary, yet his written sentences are still lacking complexity compared to their same-age peers. What disorder?

Language Disorder
- reduced vocabulary
- limited sentence structure
- impairment in discourse
**Must compare to others of the same age


If a child has difficulty communicating due to improperly formed sounds, but has proper sentence structure and vocabulary. What is the best treatment?

Speech Sound Disorder
- Earlier it is identified the better therapy and resolution


If a patient has difficulty with speech among their peers and doesn't appear that they can interpret nonverbal cues from their friends when they are upset or unhappy with them.

Social Communication Disorder
- difficulties with verbal and nonverbal communication
- difficulty reading and making proper gestures when speaking


Can Language or Speech sound disorder be apart of Intellectual Disability disorder?

Yes. Sometimes they are the first signs to show up.


What are the criteria for autism spectrum disorder?

- Defects in social-emotional reciprocity, difficulty picking up social cues and nonverbal cues.
- Deficit in developing and maintaining relationships
2/4 of following:
- repetitive motor movements
- ritualized patterns and sameness of routine
- fixated interests
- hypo/hyper-reactive to sensory input


If a child's teacher tells you that the child seems to not listen to her when she tells him directly to do something and when he listens doesn't fully complete the task. Additionally, she has noticed he has difficulty paying attention in class and has many careless mistakes in his work. He often fidgets and gets up in class when not allowed and needs constant reminders to stop talking. What might be occuring?


- impulsivity difficulties
- inattention to details


If a child is doing well in school and excels in math class, but has significant difficulty in his english class writing papers and expressing himself throughout the entire year in school compared to his peers. What might be occuring?

Specific Learning Disorder
- Usually just one specific topic or skill the child is deficient at.
- Reading
- Writing
- Math


If a child is found to have significant impairment of coordination that interferes playing sports and games with his same-aged friends. The child frequently has purposeless movements and hits himself regularly. What might be happening?

Motor-Development Coordination Disorder
- difficulty with acquisition/execution of coordinated motor skills is significantly below performance for age group.
- hand shaking, waving, head banging


What is the difference between Tourette's disorder and Tic Disorder?

Tourettes -- Motor Tic and Vocal Tic, one needs to be present for at least 1 year
Tic Disorder -- single or multiple tics of the same kind, but not both present for at least 1 year.


If a patient has Intellectual Disability what might they be at increased risk for?

- Medical Morbidity
- Psychiatric Disorders
- Preventable Mortality


When is the fine motor milestone of a child that is 6 months old?

Thumb-Finger Grasping


When should a child begin to start sitting up without support and playing?

6 months


What are the fine motor and gross motor skills associated with 12 months old?

- Putting Toys into a certain location
- Walking


When should you expect a child to begin building objects and scribbling/drawing?

18 months


When would you have to worry about a child navigating stairs in the house?

24 months - 2 year olds


What should be the mile stones presents at 4 months old?

- Bringing Rattle to their mouth
- Sitting up with support


When can a baby hold their head up?

1 month after birth


What is the primary role of the pediatrician in the first year of life?

To identify potential concern and begin therapy as early as possible


If a pediatrician is concerned with both motor and language development, what might be possibilities?

- Global Developmental Delay
- Intellectual Disability
- Genetic/Neurologic Cause


If a pediatrician is most concerned about social interactions and language development?

- Communication Disorder
- Autism


What is the correlation on time of intellectual disability becomes evident and its severity?

Earlier the more severe
- 6-12 months = profound/severe
- 1-5 years = moderate to mild


What are early signs of Autism Spectrum in preschool age (18-24months)?

- Doesn't Point
- Doesn't respond to their name
- No eye contact
- Lack of interest in other children


What is a key activity that should be employed to help autistic or intellectual disorder children develop better?

Play Activities with other children, helps develop their social interactions skills


What is Erikson's Psychosocial stage of development for adolescence?

Identity vs Role Confusion
- teens develop a sense of self and need to success to reinforce their self features


What is the stage Young Adulthood for Erikson?

Intimacy vs Isolation
- young adults need to form intimate, loving relationships with other people successful relationships leads to strong relationships, but success results in loneliness.