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Define an Addition reaction?

The reaction that takes place when a molecule such as hydrogen or bromine 'adds on' across the carbon-to-carbon double bond in an Alkene.


Define an Alcohol?

A family of compounds derived from hydrocarbons in which one of the hydrogen atoms is replaced with a hydroxyl (OH) group.


Define the alkanes.

A family of saturated hydrocarbons that have the general formula CnH2n+2


Define the Alkenes.

A family of unsaturated hydrocarbons that have the general formula CnH2n


Define an alloy.

Metallic material made from a mixture of metals with other metals and/or non-metals.


Define an Atomic number?

The number of protons in an atom of an element.


Define a base.

A substance that neutralises an acid. Based are metal oxides, metal hydroxides, metal carbonates and ammonia. Those bases that are soluble in water form alkalis.