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Community dental health

Sometimes replaces "Dental public health"; a component of public health; major difference - community focuses on a specific group of people whereas public is thought to be wider reaching


Dental public health

focuses on oral health care and education of a population with an emphasis on the utilization of dental hygiene sciences



a dental hygiene professional's negligence by act or omission when the care provided is not within the accepted standards of practice and negatively affects the patient's well-being


Primary prevention

employment of strategies and agents to forestall the onset of disease, reverse its progress, or arrest its process before treatment becomes necessary


Public health

concerned with the health care of all people


Public health goals

goals that guide all public health activities


Public health services

services that help attain public health goals


Secondary prevention

employs routine treatment methods to terminate the disease process and/or restore tissues to as nearly normal as possible (aka Restorative care)


Socioeconomic status (SES)

an individual's comparative social and economic standing within a community


Tertiary prevention

employs strategies to replace lost tissues through rehabilitation



involves monitoring the health of communities and populations to identify health problems and priorities


Policy development

the process by which society makes decisions about problems, chooses goals and strategies to address the problems, and allocates resources to reach them



involves making certain that all populations have access to appropriate and cost-effective services to reach agreed-upon public health goals


Serving all functions

the research for new insights and innovative solutions to health problems


World Health Organization's Six-Point agenda

1. Promoting development
2. Fostering health security
3. Strengthening health systems
4. Harnessing research, information and evidence
5. Enhancing partnerships
6. Improving performance


Roles of the Dental Hygienist

1. Educator
2. Researcher
3. Clinician
4. Advocate
5. Administrator/Manager


1. What is an example of primary public health prevention?
A. Disease prevention
B. Periodontal debridement
C. Fluoride treatments
D. Restorative materials

A. Disease prevention


2. Public health is credited with the dramatic increase in the average life span because of which of the following?
A. Vaccinations
B. Safety policies
C. Family planning
D. All of the above

D. All of the above


3. What is an example of secondary public health prevention?
A. Prevention of disease
B. Fluoride treatments
C. Restorations
D. Patient education

B. Fluoride treatments


4. What is the main health care research institution in the United States?
A. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
B. Food and Drug Administration
C. National Institutes of Health
D. John Hopkins University

C. National Institutes of Health


5. How has malpractice directly impacted dental care delivery and quality?
A. Enabled patients to sue
B. Decreased the number of dental providers because of the fear of malpractice suits
C. Decreased quality of care
D. Increased the number of suits against dental providers

A. Enabled patients to sue