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What are the physical factors that can affect perception?

Point of View
Other physical conditions: Disease, Pain, Hunger or fatigue


What are Psychological factors that can affect perception?

Group pressure
Perceptual Narrowing or Tunnel Vision
Intense Feelings, Emotions and Attitudes
First Impressions
Previous Experiences
Personal Interest
Cultural Background
Social Role


To accurately perceive an event a witness must be..

Physically present
Attentive to the event


What are three major components that affect the development of perception?

Events being observed
Ambient conditions


Perceptual narrowing is also known as what?

Tunnel Vision... can be a physical and psychological factor.


What is perception?

An awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation or the physical sensations interpreted in the light of experience


Physical stress does not influence the rational mind as much as what?

Psychological stress


How should a physical lineup be conducted?

In a manner that is not overly suggestive; think "consistency" in preparing a physical lineup; controls must be in place to ensure that the identification can withstand legal challenges.


What should you do with the witnesses/victims when preparing for a physical lineup?

They should be separated out of sight and hearing from each other in circumstances with multiple witnesses or victims. They should each be allowed their own viewing of the lineup.


How is photography used?

Its a powerful, and often underused, investigative tool which can be applied in an investigative to corroborate witness/victim testimony, and to articulate the investigation to jury members. Can be used to corroborate witness testimony by depicting the condition of the crime scene, articles on the crime scene, or injuries to persons on the scene


How is videography used?

It's a powerful and often overlooked tool that can deployed in a fashion similar to photography. Law enforcement should be aware that there is a distinct lack of resolution in video as compared to photography.


What goes on during the documentation step?

One of the most important steps int he process of description and identification. Document every phase of your investigative process and every detail provided by the witness/victim in an accurate fashion. Studies have shown that persons who write down their observations in note form tend to recall information more accurately.


What happens during the biometrics step?

The measurement and analysis of unique physical and behavioral characteristics, especially as a means of verifying personal identity, Biometrics gives us a scientific method of human identification, and can be used to counter the subjectivity of eyewitness testimony.


Whats a neighborhood canvass?

This technique will potentially allow the law enforcement investigator/officer to find more witnesses to the crime or event; this can lead to more corroboration of existing eyewitness evidence.


What happens during the witness/victim corroboration step?

Confirming the statement of a witness and/or a victim is vital to a thorough investigation. The law enforcement officer should take every step possible to bolster information provided by witnesses or victims.


Whats the best way to find an eye witness?

Canvass the neighborhood.


whats the best way to recreate the environment in which the crime occurred?

A show up


A photo line up must..

Contain people of the similar size, physical appearance, have similar dress and a similar background and are not to contain demographic information.