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Where does the thyroid gland appear in the developing embryo?

Floor of pharynx
between tuberculum impar and cupola, which later becomes the foramen cecum


What happens to the location of the thyroid gland in the developing embryo?

It descends into the anterior neck


How does the thyroid gland itself develop before it descends into the neck?

Divides into two lobes connected by the isthmus


How is the thyroid gland related to the tongue during its descent?

It remains connected to the tongue
by the thyroglossal duct


What happens to the thyroglossal duct?

After the thyroid gland has descended into the anterior neck
the thyroglossal duct degenerates


What is a thyroglossal cyst?

Remnant of the thyroglossal duct
fills with fluid


How does a thyroglossal cyst present?

Swelling in anterior midline of neck


How can you differentiate between a thyroglossal cyst and a branchial cyst clinically?

Thyroglossal cyst - swelling is in anterior midline of necl

Branchial cyst - swelling is anterior to sternocleidomastoid


What is ectopic thyroid tissue?

Thyroid tissue in the anterior neck that's not connected to the thyroid gland


Where can thyroglossal cysts and ectopic thyroid tissue occur?

Anywhere along the path of descent of the thyroid gland in the anterior midline of the neck