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A 2 month old chid

Gross: lift head to 45, extend arms forward
Fine motor: follow across midline, grab clothes
Social/Adaptive: Regards faces, social smile (6wks)


6 months

Gross: Sits unsupported
Fine motor: reaches for toys, ulnar grasp
Language: Babbles, imitates sounds
Social/Adaptive: Stranger anxiety


8 Months

Gross: Stands if held
Fine motor: transfers across midline
Language: mama, dada (non-specific sounds)
Social/Adaptive: waves bye


9 Months

Gross: Crawls, pulls to stand
Fine motor: fingers thumb grasp
Language: jabbers
Social/Adaptive: Separation anxiety, plays patty cake


10 months

Gross: Cruises
Fine motor: Pincer grasp
Language: mama and dada specific
Social/Adaptive: Peek a boo


12 Months

Gross:Walks alone or with support
Fine motor: Throws
Language: few words plus mama/dada
Social/Adaptive:drinks from cup


15 Months

Gross: walks well, walks backwards
Fine motor: scribbles, tower of 2 cubes
Language: Points, follows simple commands
Social/Adaptive: hugs parents, spoon/fork, remove clothes


18 Months

Gross: runs, walks upstairs, kicks ball
Fine motor: tower of 3-4 cubes
Language: 10 words
Social/Adaptive: feeds self, helps brush teeth, points to body parts.


2 years

Gross: walks up/down stairs, throws overhead, jumps.
Fine motor: initiates pencil stroke, tower of 6
Language: 2-3 word phrases, 25% understandable.
Social/Adaptive: Dry at night, toilet training around 2-3 years


3 years

Goes up stairs alternating feed, stand one foot, rides tricycle.
Fine motor: copies a circle/cross, hand preference
Language: knows name, 50-75% udnerstandable, knows age and gender.
Social/Adaptive: Plays with others, shares toys, partially dresses


4 Years

Gross: Hops on one foot
Fine motor: Copies a square, uses scissors
Language: tells stories, asks questions.
Social/Adaptive:Interactive play, toilets alone, dresses self, brushes teeth


5 eyars

Gross: Skips, rides bike with training wheels
Fine motor: copies triangle, ties shows, prints name, draws person of 6 parts.
Language: names 4 colors, fluent speech, says alphabet.
Social/Adaptive: plays competitive games with rules.


Gross Motor Milestones

6 months sits; crawls-cruises at 10, walks at 15, stairs at 24, tricycle at 3 and bike at 5.


Fine Motor Milestones:

Grasps at 3-4months, transfers at 8 months, pincer at 10 months, scribbles at 15 months and tower of 2 cubes at 18


Language Milestones

4 months: coos; 6 months babbles; 12 months words; 24 months 2 word phrases


Social Adaptive Milestones

6 wk social smile; stranger anxiety 6 months, peek a boo at 12 months; parrallel play at 24 months.


Some disorders of developmental regression

Rett's syndrome (loss of hand movement, gait abnormality, mental retardation and loss of speech).
X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy
Trauma, infections (HIV, CMV), strokes
Alexander's syndrome (GFAP!)
Muscular dystrophy
Heavy Metal poisoning.


Red Flags in developmental history

trauma, abuse/neglect, infections/fevers, fm history, dysmorphic features, neonatal history, epilepsy, new onset.


Number one genetic cause of dev delay

Down's Syndrome



bend or curvature of the 5th finger (normal or ... russel Silver, Down's, Feingold syndromes)



Small/short digits.


Red Flags in Down's Syndrome

- obstruction: delayed passage of meconium, abdominal pain/irritable, bilious vomiting

• Heart failure: dyspnea, edema, increased RR/HR,fatigue, diaphoresis, poor feeding, FTT

• Leukemia: fever, anorexia, weight loss, night sweats, fatigue, bone pain, xs bruising/infec-tions

• Spinal cord compression (2° to Cl (2 instability): neck pain/wry, weakness and spasticity, difficulty walking/loss of ambulatory skills, altered bowel or bladder function


Failure to thrive defintions

Note: use WHO now
<3rd %tile weight for age. Wt loss greater than 10%, failure to regain bw or jaundice by 2 wks. No social smile by 6 wks. <6 wet diapers.


Etiology of Failure to thrive

Not enough calories
Excessive caloric need/ineffective utilization


Flags for genetic concerns

Consanguinity, fm hx, prenatal course, post natal course, infections, dysmorphic features


Red flags for well child visits

Failure tonthrive, regression, developmental delay, dysmorphic features, abuse /neglect , substance abuse, school failures, early sexual risky activity , eating disorders, suicidality, homeless.


Red flags for language/speech queries

Loss of language/social milestones, combined l/s delays, caregiver/teacher concern, neonatal complications, fm hx, abuse/neglect, dysphagia.

No babble at 12mo/words at 15, simple commands at 18, combos at 2.
Unintelligible to parents at 2, to strangers at 3, stuttering, teasing.


Autism criteria

Impaired social, communication and stereotyped interests/behaviours

Onset under 3, not accounted for by other disorders.