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Some ways to help diagnose ADHD

Use Conner's parent and teacher questionnaire. Use computer tests to gauge impulsivity and inattention. Special tests for girls. Neurocognitive tests can be done to assess for learning disorders and executive function.


Criteria for ADHD

Signs of Impulsivity/Hyperactivity:
signs of Inattention:
Other: present before age 7, present in two or more domains. Causes impairment or distress. Not caused by other disorders.


Three types of ADHD

1) inattention 2)Hyperactive/Impulsive 3) mixed.


Organic things to exclude for AHDH/LD

Environment: Abuse/neglect, hunger, stress, family dysfunction, bad home/learning environments

Diangosis problems: new onset, <2 environments

Health: genetics (FXS, FAS, T21), dysmorphic features, trauma, CNS ifnections, prenatal hx,

NeuroPsych: Mood disorders, ODD, CD, hearing/vision disorders, sleep disorders, epilepsy,