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What’s diabetes

A disease in which a person is unable to metabolise carbohydrate, especially glucose properly


What’s diabetes caused by

Inability to control blood glucose conc due to The lack of hormone insulin or a loss of responsiveness to insulin


What is type 1 diabetes due to

The body being unable to produce insulin (childhood)

- may be due to result of an autoimmune response whereby bodies immune system attacks own cells, in this case B cells of the islets of langerhans


What are the signs of Diabetes

High blood glucose concentration

Presence of glucose in urine

Need to urinate a lot

Genital itching

Weight loss

Blurred vision


What are the symptoms of diabetes


Increased thirst and hunger


What is type 2 diabetes due to

Glycoprotein receptors on body cells being lost or losing their responsiveness to insulin

Or inadequate supply of insulin from pancreas

(40 years old +)


How is type 1 diabetes controlled

By injections of insulin


What happens if someone with diabetes takes too much insulin

Experience a low blood glucose concentration that can result in unconsciousness

-blood glucose concentration can be monitored using biosensors


How is type 2 diabetes controlled

By regulating the intake of carbohydrate in the diet and matching this to the amount of exercise taken


Suggest an explanation for why tiredness is a symptom of diabetes

As insulin is not produced by the pancreas, this leads to fluctuations in the blood glucose level. If the level is below normal, there may be insufficient glucose for the release of energy by cells during respiration. Muscle and brain cells in particular may therefore be less active, leading to tiredness