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The teachings of Christianity are embedded in British traditions. Where can this be seen in everyday British life?

- School terms are arranged around Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter
- The week has 7 days which reflects the Creation Story


How is Christianity and the Church in Britain?

Christianity still has the largest number of followers of all religions, even though there is a religious diversity. The Church of England is the established church of Britain and has links with the state.


The Queen and the monarch with Christianity

The Queen is Head of State and Defender of Faith. The monarch is crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The monarch is also the Supreme Governor of CofE


In the role as Supreme Governor of Church of England, what does the Queen do?

- Approves the appointment of senior clerics
- Opens new sessions of the General Synod since 1919, the Synod has the power to propose laws on any matter concerning the CofE
- Keeps the coronation vow to maintain the Church


What is the Parliament split into?

House of Lords (not elected) and House of Commons (elected).


Describe the role of House of Lords

Role of House of Lords includes holding the Gov. to account for its actions and spending, and making laws. New laws have to approved by both houses. House of Lords include bishops of CofE. This means bishops can play a significant role in government.


What are the Christian Rites of Passage?

- Baptism : celebrates birth of a baby and welcomes it to church
- Marriage : mark’s the coming together of 2 people to start a new family
- Funerals : when people’s lives are remembered and loved ones can say goodbye to the deceased.

These are not confined to Christians.


What are Church schools?

- First schools ever were started by the church until the state became involved in 1830s.
- Today, 1/3 of state funded schools are faith schools. This means although the income comes from public funds, the school has a religious character which indicates formal links with faith organisations.
- 1/6 of these schools select staff and students based on religion.