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What is the Nicene creed ?

- widely accepted statements of faith among Christian churches
- used for Catholic’s , Anglicans and most Protestant churches


Summary of Biblical account of Genesis 2 ( second account of creation )

- 7th day of Creation God rested from work (holy)
- No shrub/plant had yet sprung up as there was no rain
- Formed a man from dust from ground l breathed into nostrils
- Planted a garden in the east , Eden - man lived + took care
- Middle of Garden = tree of life + tree of Knowledge
- Man not allowed to eat from a specific tree
- A river watering the Garden flowed from Eden ( separated into 4 headwaters : Pishon , Gihon , Tigris , Euphrates )
- formed wild animals + bird in sky so man not alone
- When Adam slept , God took mans ribs and then closed up place with flesh + made woman


Significance of account of creation in Genesis 2

- Adam means humanity and Eve means beginning
- Writer shows importance of humanity within Gods creation
- God is portrayed to have human characteristics “ anthropomorphic “ reflects on God’s unique bond with humanity
- “ you must not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil ... “ - God to Adam
-First law given by God to humanity, Adam given free choice to make = free will


What is the role of the spirit in Creation ?

- Agent of God ; Psalm 33:6 refers to Holy Spirit as “ breath of God “ demonstrates creative work of spirit
- Spirit led to the creation of Man therefore is a life giver


Summary of biblical account of The Fall ( Genesis 3 )

- Serpent tricked the woman into eating the apple by saying that the apple gives knowledge and makes your eyes open
- Woman gave to husband who also ate it , both of their eyes then opened
- Woman and Man heard God coming and tried to hide
- Man said they were afraid to come out because they were naked
- Woman told God she got tricked by serpent
- God told the Serpent that it will crawl on its belly and ear dust , and Woman that she will have a painful labour
- Man must eat from plants which has thorns and thistles
- God banished man from the Garden of Eden to work the ground


Significance of the fall and what happens as a result ?

-Adam and Eve disobey God by eating the fruit , disobedience = SIN
- eating the fruit meant sin has entered the world for the first time
- original sin = first occasion mankind disobeyed God
- “ The fall “ - broke the perfect relationship that had existed between God and Humanity
- Christians believe every human born after the fall is affected by original sin : born out of relationship with God + need salvation to bring back relationship
- Christians believe in redemption or a person can’t have an eternal life in heaven


What do all Christians believe about the Creation story ?

- God created the universe
- God acted out of love and goodness and cares for his creation
- Human being made in Gods image but are sinful hence lack his perfection


Literal interpretation of the Creation story

- Some Christians believe the Genesis 1-3 includes Gods actual words
- provides accurate historical account of the creation of the world and the Fall
- Creationist approach , rejects science that suggest world wasn’t made in 6 cays
- Believe bible in inspired by God and Gods word is infallible
- Human knowledge flawed therefore Gods creation story should be taken as an absolute truth


Describe the Christian belief of the creation story as a myth

- shouldn’t be taken literally , just convey important truths
- Accounts are mythological proved through different between styles + order of Genesis 1 +2 and scientific evidence
- Reveals important truths about the uniqueness of humans + possibilities of humans having a relationship with God


Describe Theistic evolution

- Some Christians believe life developed through process of evolution
- Characteristics beneficial to a species passed on from one generation to next
- evolution was a process started by God


Describe the Christian belief that creation story is compatible with science

- Days mentioned in the Genesis 1 shouldn’t be taken literally
- Gods time not the same as our time
- Each day could represent a longer period of time , maybe even billion of years
- more compatible with evidence provided by science about the age + development of life on earth


Describe the two categories of evil

Natural evil - suffering created through no direct fault of humans

Moral evil - suffering caused by actions of human beings


What is Evil ?

- opposite of good
- good gone wrong / complete lack of goodness
- Force that works against everything good , personified as devil / Satan


Who is Satan ?

- expelled by God when he sinned ( Isaiah 14:12)
- acts to tempt humans and lead them to disobey God
- dangerous enemy to Christians , destroyer and leader of a host of demons
-causes suffering that may test faith in God


Problem of Evil

- if God is omnibenevolent , he should care enough to stop the suffering cause by evil
-if God is omnipotent , he should stop suffering but he doesn’t


Explain the Irenaean theodicy

- God allows evil and suffering to exist
- humans would be able to choose and learn what is right and good
- Through suffering we learn and develop spiritually , God wants our soul to develop ( Soul -making theodicy)
- God doesn’t interfere with human decisions as it affects human free will
- Fall was a human learning process
- As Long as humans learn from their actions they can go to heaven


Explain the Augustinian theodicy

- God made a perfect creation as recorded in Genesis
- no evil in his creation , believes that evil is the absence of goodness
- Adam and Eve made made use of their free will hence causing evil to enter
- Human free will , led evil to come into existence
- result of fall , all humans inherit a sinful nature
-God doesn’t stop them , make use of free will
- instead , provides human opportunity for salvation for their sin


Different views in Evil and Suffering

- Conservative Christians , suffering is a natural result of sinful nature of humans explains moral evil but doesn’t explain natural evil
- Others , world is a fear , human evil is something humans are responsible for hence should deal with it through Jesus teaching about loving others
- Without natural disasters , no opportunity to show life for others when people in need
- Others , God has a purpose humans don’t understand , suffering has a purpose , share suffering Jesus experiences



- account of Jesus life found in the four gospels in New Testament
- Each gospel has a different perspective of him
- not much detail of him/ life but more on what he said and did , much more than a good man


What was Jesus referred to as ?

Son of God


Why is Jesus important ?

- Jesus life and examples are important as they give Christians a pattern for their own lives
- death is a sacrifice which means human can be bought back into relationship with God


Jesus as the son of God

- Jesus was God incarnated = god in human form
- conception wasn’t natural , conceived by Holy Spirit
- Old Testament contains prophecies about Jesus miraculous conception


Jesus as the Messiah

- means “ anointed one “ , refers to Jesus as King or Lord
- sent by God to be the saviour of humanity
- Jews expected he would help them to fight and destroy the Romans
- Jesus is anointed with oil in Mark 14:3-9
- significant , Messiah for all people
- Kingdom and Eule was not a military one but spiritual


Jesus as Lord and Saviour

- Jesus sent to take the punishment of all human sin and restore broken relationship between God and Humanity
- Death was enough to pay for all human sins , forgiveness from God
- had power to beat death + return to life
- made it possible to spend eternity in heaven after physical death
- Lord = recognise his divine authority + willing to submit to his rules


What is the Beatitudes ?

- “blessings” , Jesus describes the attitudes or qualities that God wants his followers to develop and that he will bless
- ( 1-3) followers know their needs , to become truer better people , more open to God , share Gods love through actions
- (4-7) searching for God and truth and righteousness , God focussed in all you do , not distracted by selfishness
- Final , concentrate on suffering as a result of doing what is right in the eyes of God . Suffer to be faith to god = happy , true to themselves , rewarded in heaven


Sermon on the mount

- recorded in Mathew 5-7
- contains many of Jesus teaching and how Christians should live
- divided into 6 sections


Jesus and the law

- Jesus does not replace law of God but changes way believers should understand
- obedience to law must come from heart , persons thought as bad as actions , persons thoughts influence actions
- issue of adultery , lust can lead to adultery , goes against Gods commands
- Tells follows to love neighbours and enemies , Old Testament Israelites told not to bear grudges
- All humans made I Gods image , hence all have the capacity to sin so need to be loved and forgiven


True discipleship (5:1 - 18 )

- Jesus dismisses outward Act if religion that are done for show , think person is righteous
- Requires true disciples to be sincere , keeping fasting and charity probate , known only to themselves and God
- Only to serve and please God Not to receive praise from humans


What is the Lord’s Prayer ?

- structure for believers to base their prayers on
- starts with worship of God , request that God meets their daily needs , repentance and asking for Gods forgiveness


Jesus teaching about wealth

- warns believers not to build up treasures on earth or to worry about earthy needs
- wants them to have faith that God will for provide for them
- true riches are spiritual treasures , which can’t be destroyed nor stolen
-person can’t worship both God and money
- love of money is wrong , leads to selfishness and greed


Jesus teaching about judging others

- no person is perfect so no one is in position to judge anyone else
- if people judge others , God will use the same standards to judge them
- Human judgment is flawed and limited
- unless you are perfect , no fit state to judge the sin on someone else
- focus on how to become closer to God and more obedient to him


Jesus teaching on “ the narrow gateway “

- warns believers about difficulties of being a Christian
- uses imagery of a narrow gate and pathway compared to broad and wide pathway
- broad pathway = destruction , life lived without any attention to the laws of God , easier
- easier therefore will not lead to Gods blessings or to a place in Heaven
- Narrow pathway = difficult , leads to reward in heaven which will be eternal



- sacrificial love
- love that places God , other and even enemies above yourself
- voluntarily suffers discomfort


Jesus example

- God chose to reveal himself through the physical form of Jesus
- Teachings allow Christians to see how to love in obedience to God
- Jesus showed that Gods Kingdon was open to anyone , God values all people equally
- Christians believe they must care for those in society who are rejected
- Jesus helped people in need , did miraculous things, Christians responds to the needs of people



Sharing Jesus message and persuading others to become believers


What is the incarnation ?

- God came to earth in the human form of Jesus
- Jesus life provides perfect example of how God wants every person to live
- Able to perform miracles during his time on earth, power over diseases and nature
- he provided a glimpse of heaven


Purpose of Jesus incarnation

- Take punishment for human sin
- restore broken relationship between human and God


what is Crucifixion ?

- Jesus was crucified , nailed to a wooden cross and left to hang till death
- extremely unpleasant and used by Romans
- Public death , Slow and painful + acts as a deterrent to other criminals
- Jesus understand human suffering
- Evil won over Good


What type of sacrifice was Jesus crucifixion ?

Atonement sacrifice : death had a purpose that benefits all humans


What does the Old Testament prophecies have ?

- Jesus life
- suffering and death on cross


Belief about Jesus resurrection

- 3 days after crucifixion Jesus rose from dead
- Paul records Jesus was seen alive by 5000 people after death


What does Jesus resurrection show ?

- Jesus power over death itself
- free from original sin that leads to death and eternal separation
- evidence that he was God incarnate
- shows God approved sacrifice , sufficient debt to pay for human sins
- belief in sharing eternity with Jesus


What does Jesus say to one of his followers ? ( resurrection )

“ I am the resurrection and the life ; he who beloved in me will live even if he dies “ ( John 11:25 )


Belief about the ascension on Jesus

- 40 days after resurrection , New Testament shows he rose back to heaven
- signifies end of his life + work on earth
- Rising of Jesus represents his success of good and evil
- Jesus loves alongside God and work in heaven continues
- no more sacrifice was need , final


What does Jesus resurrection mean to Christians ?

Christians can pray with confidence , knowing they are forgiven and back in relationship with God


What is the apostles creed ?

- written by 12 apostles
- probably developed between second and ninth centuries
- summing up Christian doctrine and challenging any heresies


Different beliefs about the incarnation , crucifixion , resurrection and ascension

- huge significance for humans , examples of Gods working in the world
- conservative Christians : events took place as described
- others thinks it’s metaphorical
- different groups emphasise events more than others


Summary of salvation

- human relationship with God had been broken therefore had to repair relationship
- salvation is the saving process , as humans try to save themselves from punishment for their sins


What is covenant ?

Agreement made between God and Jewish nation , that God would care for them if they obeyed his laws


What happens on the day of atonement ?

- occurred once every year
- High priest enters the innermost part of the temples “ holy of holies “
- priest would make animal sacrifice , blood of animals bring atonement or reconciliation between humans and God
- people of God would stand pure before God


What is grace ?

Under new covenant , Gods Grace means that humans have his blessings even if they are imperfect and sinful as long as they have faith in God


What is redemption ?

- describe what they believe God has done for them
- process of buying something and praying off as debt
- salvation God offers is actually him offering to pay their debt of sin


Explain the different Christian views about how Jesus achieved salvation ?

- Many Christians believe that Jesus was a sacrifice that paid for human sin once and for all
- Jesus death was a random , paid for the release of human sinners
- by becoming human , humans could achieve a union with God and this allows them to be saved


Explain different views of how Christians believe they receive salvation

- RCC , through sacraments such as baptism
- Evangelical churches , believe that through faith in Jesus
- good deeds will allow you to enter heaven


What is Parousia ?

- refers to the second coming of Christ
- Jesus would return to establish a new world to replace the evil , sinful world they lived in
- during the end time ( last 10 days of the world ) ‘ Eschaton ‘


Belief about what happens after you die

- humans imperfect and mortal bodies will die but their spiritual bodies will be resurrected
- end of time all the death will be raised to be judged by God


Christian belief about hell

- Old Testament , place of departed spirits but not a place of punishment
- New Testament , Jesus refers to “ Gehennah” translated as hell
-indescribable, eternal torture for non-believers
- annihilation , body and the soul both cease to exist at the point of physical death
- place of eternal existence without Gods presence and blessing


Christian belief about heaven

- eternal presence of God , state of mind
- Bibles describes heaven as having blinding light , singing and beauty ( New Testament )
- Throne “ sea of glass , clear as crystal “ perfect and awe inspiring
- suffering and evil no longer exist
- serve God and obey him , comfort in times of suffering


Belief about purgatory

- RCC , not pure enough to come to Gods presence immediately
- undergo purification to achieve holiness to enter heaven
- Catechism : summary of Roman Catholic beliefs
- pray for dead , prayers can help people in purgatory