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What is cancer?

1) A consequence of genetic mutations within a cell

2) Results in the production and proliferation of abnormal cells

3) Healthy cells are damaged and undergo replication that is outside the usual control


What Factors cause cancer??

1) Exposure to carcinogens
2) With age risk increases
3) Genetics (specific genes -BRCA1 &BRCA2- tumor suppressor genes)
4) Immune system (Aids/HIV/immune suppressant drugs)
5) smoking,body weight,diet.physical activity,too much meat and processed foods,alcohol, not enough fruit and veg)
6)Day to day enviorment (sun, tobacco smoke, asbestos exposure)
7)Viruses (cervical cancer-human papilloma virus,liver cancer)
8) Bacterial infection (helicobacter pypylori may increase risk for stomach cancer)


What is the goal of the World cancer research fund ( WCRF) and american institute for cancer research (AICR)?

1) Review all the relevant research, using the most meticulous methods

2) Generate a comprehensive series of recommendations on food,nutrition and physical activity, designed to reduced the risk for cancer in a way suitable for all society


What is the recommendation for body fatness and cancer prevention?

Ensure that body weight through childhood and adolescents is towards the lower end of the normal BMI range at 21 years old and maintain a normal body weight after 21 years old. Avoid weight gain and increase in waist circumference through life.


What is the recommendation for physical activity and cancer prevention?

Be moderately active, equivalent to brisk walking for at least 30 mins everyday. Then when fitness has improved aim for 60 minutes or more of moderate exercise, or 30 mins of more vigorous activity. Limit sedentary habits such as watching tv


What is the recommendation for food and drinks and cancer prevention?

Consume energy dense foods sparingly, avoid sugary drinks and consume fast foods sparingly if at all


What is the recommendation for plant foods and cancer prevention?

Eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables (400g or 14 oz) every day. Eat unprocessed cereals (grains) and pulses (legumes) with every meal. Limit refined starchy foods.


What is the recommendation for alcohol and cancer prevention?

If alcoholic drinks are to be consumed, limit consumption to no more than 2 drinks a day for men and one drink a day for women.


What is the recommendation preservation,processing and preparation for cancer prevention?

Avoid salt-preserved , salted,or salty foods; preserve foods without salt. Limit consumption of processed foods with added salt to ensure an intake less than 6g (2.4g sodium) per day. Do not eat moldy cereals or pulses


How many cases of cancer (%) are reported as preventable?