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Which recommendation was first to include physical activity?

'05-'11 My Pyramid

Way too complicated though


What do we have today for a recommendation picture?

My Plate


Do DGA have an impact on consumers?



New Aspects of DGA-2010

- Consider "total diet" and how to integrate recommendations into practical terms
- Encourage personal choice but result in "nutrient dense and calorie balanced"
- Address broader environmental and social aspects crucial to adoption


Major findings of DGA

- Reduce prevalence of obesity by decreasing caloric intake and increasing physical activity
- Inc. plant based diet
- Dec. SoFAS, Na, and refined grains
- Meet 2008 physical activity guidelines


Barriers to success of DGA

1. Involve all sectors of society
2. Includes focus on children
3. Strategies to help Americans change diets and physical activity


Sustainable changes recommended

- Improve nutrition literacy and cooking skills
- Comprehensive education programs
- Financial incentives for recommended diet
- Affordable and environmentally sustainable production of F/V and whole grains
- Encourage restaurants & food industry to limit the bad things
- Implement the US Nat'l Physical Activity Plan


What does mindful indicate?

- Don't eat when not hungry
- Don't snack


Energy balance & wt management

- Macronutrient (fat, carb, etc) distribution is not the driving force behind obesity
- Overconsumption of calories is key
- Energy density of foods is important
- Subgroups focused on: maternal obesity, older ow/ob adults
- Behaviors: eating out, TV, decreased portions, self-monitoring, including calorie requirements & calorie content of foods; mindful eating


Top 5 energy sources in US diet

1. Desserts
2. Yeast Breads
3. Chicken
4. Soda
5. Pizza


Adult and children beverage sources

1. Alcohol
2. Soda
3. Fruit Juice
4. Coffee/tea

1. Milk
2. Soda
3. Fruit Juice

400 kcal/day for each group; kids get more %-wise from drinks of total calories


Nutrient adequacy

- Vit D, Ca, K, Fiber
- Folate & iron for women of reproductive age
- Elderly: B-12

Supplements do not offer health benefits to healthy Americans

Men have reduced cancer incidence and no effect for women (no clear benefit or harm)


Fatty Acids & Cholesterol guidelines

- limit saturated fatty acids to


Protein & CHO

- lower calorie diets; increase % protein intake
- decrease energy-dense carbohydrates
- Low fat & fat free milk = nutrient dense CHO


Intent and concerns with My Plate

- family meals
- visual cues: F/V, grains, low-fat dairy

- Dinner > other meals
- Combo foods?
- no portions
- not total daily diet


DASH diet

Emphasizes: F/V, low-fat dairy, whole grains, poultry, fish & nuts

Small amounts of red meat, sweets & sugar containing beverages; total fat (27%) and sat fat (6%)


Mediterranean diet

Emphasis on:
- breads and cereals
- fruits and veggies
- nuts
- increased olive oil
- fish; limited sat fat, meats, full fat dairy


Two Rules for a Good Diet

1. Stop eating junk & hyper-processed food
2. Eat more plants than you did yesterday


4 major findings of DGA

1. decreased caloric intake, increased exercise
2. Increased plant-based diet
3. Increased seafood & low fat milk
4. Decreased SoFAS, Na, ,and refined grains


Expected changes for 2015 DGA

1. Fat: no quantity, focus on quality; no cholesterol limitation
2. Low glycemic load/GI
3. Healthy pattern
4. Sustainable diets are controversial