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Cardiovascular S/S requiring Immediate Medical Attention


  1. Sudden worsening of intermittent claudication may be due to thromboembolism
  2. Symptoms of TIAs in any individual especially those with a history of heart dx, HTN, tobacco use
  3. Onset of Anginal attack which requires immediate cessation of exercise - symptoms associated with angina may be reduced immediately and should subside within 3-5 min with cessation of activity
  4. Clients taking nitroglycerin should administer meds themselves  - relief should be within 1-2 min, if anginal p! is not relieved within 20 minutes or presence of constitutional s/s - immediate med intervention is needed
  5. Changes in the pattern of angina


Cancerous s/s requiring immediate Physician Referral

  1. presence of recently discovered lumps, nodules or moles especially w/ previous h/o CA, accompanied by carpal tunnel or CNS symptoms
  2. Detection of palpable fixed irregular mass in breast, axilla, or elsewhere
  3. Suspicious lymph node enlargement or change
  4. Recurrent CA may appear as single lump, pale or red nodule just below skin surface, a swelling, dimpling of the skin or red rash
  5. unexplained bleeding from any area
  6. s/s of metastases
  7. Any man with pelvic, groin, SI, or LBP accompanied by sciatica and past h/o CA
  8. Idiopathic muscle weakness with chances in DTRs