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A measurement of a fluid's internal resistance.

A. Hematocrit
B. Viscosity
C. Reynold's number
D. Resistance

B. Viscosity


Reynold's number (Re) tells of the tendency for turbulence in blood flow. What is it proportional to?

Velocity, density, and vessel diameter. As these increase, so does Reynold's number.


For blood vessels in parallel, what is the resistance?

A. R=R1+R2+R3...
B. 1/R=(1/R1)+(1/R2)...

B. 1/R


Compliance and capacitance are used in describing the ______ of vessels.

A. Elastance
B. Resistance
C. Distensibility
D. Volume

C. Distensibility (P/V)


Calu,ate the compliance of a vessel that is 8x more destinsible than another, and has an original volume of 6 mL. What type of vessel does this describe?

48x more compliant. A vein, as they lack the muscle of arteries to resist compliance.


Increased elastic tissue n a vessel will result in ______ elastance and ________ compliance.

A. Increased, decreased
B. Decreased, decreased
C. No change
D. Increased, decreased

D. Increased, decreased


Pulse pressure is determined by:

A. Arterial compliance - stroke volume
B. Stroke volume X arterial compliance
C. Stroke volume/arterial compliance

C. Stroke volume/arterial compliance


Long term blood pressure control in the kidney is a result of:

A. the RAAS system
B. pressure natriuresis and diuresis
C. closure of the renal artery

A. The RAAS system


NO is released by (healthy/damaged) blood vessels.



Bradykinin acts to cause vasodilation and ______.
A. Increase TPR
B. Increase cardiac output
C. Stimulate NO release
D. Increase capillary permeability

D. Increase capillary permeability


Endothelin is released from (healthy/damaged) blood vessels.



Describe the flow of information in the vasomotor center of the brain

A signal is received from chemo/baroreceptors via either CN IX or CN X. If pressure needs to be increased, the vasoconstrictor center is activated, causing SNS stimulation. If the pressure needs to be lowered, the vasodilator center acts to inhibit the vasoconstrictor center.


Baro-R in the carotid sinuses are stimulated by pressures

60 mmHg


A MAP greater than the upper range of accepted normal.

Chronic hypertension


The aortic baroreceptors are stimulated by pressures

30 mmHg


The amount of formed units in blood, is a measurement of density.

A. Viscosity
B. Resistance
C. Hematocrit
D. Reynold's number

C. Hematocrit


Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of primary hypertension?

A. Increased cardiac output
B. Increased SNS activity
C. Decreased ANG II/aldosterone levels
D. Inadequate secretion of salt/water

C. Decreased ANG II/aldosterone levels


Primary hypertension is HTN of ____.
A. an unknown origin
B. due to another cause

A. an unknown origin