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Herb grilled chicken

Marinated chicken breast topped with heirloom tomatoes basil oil and balsamic glaze


Chicken marsala

26 ounce chicken breast topped with a savory sauce a prosciutto onions mushroom quarters marsala wine and a veal demi-glaze


Pan roasted trout

And 8 ounce boneless skin on North Carolina rainbow trout fill with the lump crab wrap with three slices of applewood bacon and roasted


Shrimp and grits

11@26/30 shrimp sautéed in butter with tomatoes scallions and white wine served over three triangle grit cakes


Grilled yellow fin tuna

8 ounce tuna steak grilled the temperature cut into six blocks drizzled with sriacha aoli sesame seeds and scallions


Roasted lobster tail

8 ounce can of the tail roasted in shell with garlic butter and paprika serve with butter tower


Crab stuffed flounder

6 to 8 ounce flounder wrapped around a crab cake baked in white wine and butter covered in lemon parsley butter sauce


Carolina crab cakes

Twin 5 ounce cakes served over honey pecan Remoulade. A small set a lot of baby greens toss and herb oil is between the cakes and oil is Drizzeled around the plate. Topped with wonton strips


Chilean sea bass

6 ounce filet grilled and present it over jasmine rice and sautéed spinach. Bowl is filled with pineapple Ponsou sauce. And topped with pineapple salsa


Atlantic salmon

10 ounce portions season with pepper and spices glaze with garlic butter