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Seafood sampler

3@13/15 colossal shrimp, 3 oysters Rockefeller,3 oysters on the half shell, and 5 snow crab claws

Served over lettuce and cocktail sauce, with honey aioli, butter and lemon wedges


Seared tenderloin tips

3 at 2 oz of certified angus beef offered three ways

1.grilled with seasoning and brushed with butter(garlic)
2.seared on the skillet with salt and pepper (Pittsburgh)
3. Blackened with Cajun seasoning and brushed with garlic butter served over grand marnier orange sauce garnished with an edible orchid and orange crown


Grand Marnier Orange sauce

Heavy cream orange juice Grand Marnier Liquor Bay leaves Italian seasoning


Baked Brie

A 5 oz. of Brie with no rind topped with brown sugar and pecans and baked until warm. Served over baby greens with garlic toast points, Granny Smith apples, dried cranberries and all drizzled with honey



3 slice of of Italian ciabatta style(thick hard crust but the light and airy interior) sourdough bread brushed with garlic butter and grilled. These are topped with tomato basil relish and melted fresh mozzarella cheese. Herb oil is drizzled over the top


Iced jumbo shrimp cocktail

4 jumbo shrimp cooked peeled and evening 12/15 count shrimp, served cold with a spicy homemade cocktail sauce. The cocktail sauce is made with chili sauce horseradish lemon juice Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce. Garnished with the cocktail fork and lemon wedge


Sashimi tuna ( dinner only)

6 oz portion of yellow fin tuna served raw and sliced very thin. It is fanned across the plate and lightly drizzle with sesame ginger vinaigrette. Garnished with pickled ginger and wasabi. Served with chopsticks seaweed salad in a ramekin of soy sauce and sprinkle with black/white sesame seeds


Fried calamari

8 ounces of calamari rings and fresh green beans lightly breaded with sesame seeds in flower then deep-fried to a golden brown toss in a sweet and spicy Thai chili sauce served over wontons and baby greens


Crispy Grit Napoleon

Fried grit cakes layered with pepper jack pimento cheese topped with heirloom tomatos that have been tossed with olive oil and cilantro then drizzled with balsamic glaze


Crab dip

(Crab dip is made with jumbo lump crab meat season with diced red onion cream cheese sour cream and Monterey Jack cheese old bay white wine and fresh sage)

6oz crab meat that is baked and served with naan bread points. Garnished with parsley, cocktail fork and lemon wedge


Pasteurized with high pressure water to make them safer to eat

Chilled or steamed
Freshly shucked gulf oyster's serve on the half shell; raw over crushed ice or steamed over rock salt. Garnish with parsley cocktail fork and lemon wedge. Raw or Oysters are served with cocktail sauce steam oysters are serve with drawn butter and cocktail sauce. Served with Tabasco and saltine crackers

Half shell topped with cream spinach , bacon bits, season bread crumbs and shredded Parmesan cheese. Baked until golden brown. Garnished with parsley, cocktail fork and lemon wedge



Blue crab bisque
Crab and lobster stock with sherry, cream, cayenne and old bay, garnished with blue crab meat