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Chicken salad melt

6oz portion of homemade chicken salad served warm out of the oven with sliced tomatoes on toasted honey wheat berry bread with melted cheddar served with a pickle spear


Spicy tuna roll

4 oz of raw yellow fin tuna wrapped with jasmine rice seaweed salad in Sriracha aïoli in a flower tortilla rolls cut and six pieces sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds and present it look like a plate of sushi served with the lemon quarter and regular soy sauce


Chop house club

A cold sandwich made with two Ounces sliced ham and 2 ounces of smoked turkey. Served on three sizes of wheat berry bread with mayonnaise lettuce tomato cheddar Swiss and bacon at the Sandwich is quartered and served with the pickle spear



6 ounces of warm corn beef round top with sauerkraut and melted swish cheese serve on the griddle marble rye with thousand island dressing in a pickle spear


Angus cheesesteak

5 ounces shaved prime rib heated on the griddle with sautéed mushrooms and onions mustard provolone in the 8 inch hogie baked with provolone on top until golden brown and crispy been topped with lettuce and tomato


Low country turkey blt

4 ounces shave smoke turkey bacon and pepper jack pimento cheese served on grilled sourdough bread lettuce and tomato or added after baking serve with a pickle spear


Crab cake sandwich

Five ounce pan fried crab cake made with lump and special crab meat onion pepper egg and breadcrumbs serve on a roll with honey pecan remoulade lettuce tomato pickle spear and a lemon quarter


Blackened shrimp tacos

Six Cajun grilled shrimp served with two flour tortillas Filled was shaved iceberg lettuce pico de gallo shredded cheddar and lemon caper aioli


Hurricane roll

5 ounces of warm roast beef with pimento cheese and crispy fried onions in a flour tortilla With Texas Pete aïoli


Greek steak wrap

Garlic and rosemary marinated beef sears in a sauté pan wrapped with lettuce tomato onion salad with tzatziki sauce as feta the meat is thin and will be fully cooked


Barbecue chicken sandwich

Marinated 6 ounce chicken breast grilled in glazed with barbecue sauce and topped with cheddar bacon lettuce tomato and onions on a toasted bun


Flat bread pizza

Crisps non-bread with sun-dried tomato pesto prosciutto with fresh mozzarella basil drizzled with balsamic glaze


Buffalo chicken sandwich

Crispy fried chicken breast dip and hot sauce and serve on a toasted bun with shaved celery Julene carrots and chunky blue cheese dressing