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____ will be the central repository for all completed and coded 75-48's

Reports Control Unit


___ is responsible to enter the required Uniform Crime Reports into the online Uniform Crime Reporting System on a _____ basis.

Research and Planning Unit, Statistics Section



Unifrom Crime Reporting statistics are derived from the INCT system and it is imperative that the information is correct and entered/updated within ___ days.



Three questions must be answerd "NO" for an assignement to be classified as unfounded:

ALL three questions must be a no.

  1. Was an offense committed or attempted?
  2. Was source of complaint identified?
  3. Are there any facts, evidence, or witnesses to support that an incident occurred?


Initial Inquiry


Police Action

Initial Inquiry: initial steps taken by the responding officer to determine if a criminal offense was committed or attempted or if there is a report of a complaint or incident.

Police Action: steps taken by the responding officer after an offense, complaint, or incident ir proved to be founded based on the initial inquiry.


A "re-classification" of an incident requires that the investigator submit a 75-49/52 and update in the INCT system. 


Information about a crime, which can provide the basis for determining who committed the crime.

ie- serial numbers, unique descriptions, obvious marking, damage



Property Codes

1= Currency/Bonds

2= TV, Radio, Stereo

3= Office Equipment

4= Jewelry, Precious Metals

5= Household Items

6= Consumer Items

7= Vehicles

8= Clothing

9= Firearms

A= Furs

B= Misc.

C= Livestock


4 Assignments 48 is replaced by another report

Theft of Vehicle= Vehilce theft report (75-71)

Missing Person= Missing Person (75-74a)

Motor Vehicle Accident= Police Crash Report (75 48C)

Abandoned Vehicle- Abondoned Vehicle Report (75-140)

  **Recovery of stolen vehicle requires a SECOND DC number

  **Recovered missing person= a 48 with original DC number

  **AA-500= "Y" under RTF; 75-48C= "N" under RTF


Report to Follow (when to check Y)

  • Arrest is made
  • Part 1 offense (except for a theft "close-out")
  • Offender is unknown regardless of grade of offense
  • Offense is a "close-out" code for which at least one solvability factor is present
  • Offense is such that an arrest could be made pursuant to Sec 2711 (domestic) regardless of whether an arrest has been made
  • Founded Hazardous Materials Incident


Personnel assigned to investigative units receiving reports that require a 48, but were not previously reported to a numbered district will ____, ____, ____, and ____.  The district of occurrence will also be notified via 75-48 computer message.

  1. Prepare a 75-48
  2. Obtain a DC number from dist of occurrence
  3. retain the yellow copy
  4. forward the white and pink to appropraite district

** Under no circumstanced will the investigator change the incident classification recoreded on the 75-48 or INCT


The integrity and regular auditing of all 75-48A reports shall be the responsibility of ____, subject to review by internal affairs.

Divisional/Special Unit Inspector


Any paper/working copies of the 75-48A shall be retained for ____ from the date of the stop to ensure the accuracy of the data submitted by officers to the actual data entered into the 75-48A system.

6 Months


Electronic 75-48A reports shall be retained for ___ from the date of the stop.

2 Years


A search of the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle limited only to those area in which a weapon may be placed

"Frisk of a vehicle"

AKA- a "Cursory Vehicle Search"


** requires additional reasonable suspicion to believe that the person detained is armed


Any assignment coded ___ will not be sent to Reports Control, but will be stored in the district.

2701- Investigation of Person


Only ONE DC number is required for multiple pedestrain investigations occurring at the same time and location. However, curfew/truant investigations require seperate DC numbers for each individual stopped.


If any force was used during the course of a retail theft, ___ will decide if the retail theft will be upgraded to a robbery.

Detective Division


Ownership/Non-Permission form will be prepared for ____ by the assigned detective or arresting officer.

all property crime arrests


** can be done by phone; EXCEPT- arrests for recovered stolen firearms will be done by the assigned DETECTIVE and should be IN-PERSON

**whomever completes this interview must be the one who signs the form (detective/arresting officer)

** must be signed by Det Supervisor and scanned into PIIN