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All Philadelphia Police Department Confidential Master Files and records are the property of the Police Department and will be retained in a secure manner by ____.  They may not be viewed by anyone unless approved by ____ or ____.

The Integrity Control Officer

The Police Commissioner

The Deputy Commissioner, Field Operations


The ____ file will be maintained by ____ in a secure area with strict access control.  This file will identify the confidential informant by his/her assigned control number.  The confidential informat's identity WILL NOT be listed on any documents in this file.

The Operational File

The Divisional/Unit Commanding Officer


A person approved by the department and registered with the Integrity Control Office who, through a confidential relationship with a sworn member, furnishes the Department with criminal information or services in exchange for compensation or consideration.

Confidential Informant


Any person who provides information about criminal activity to the Department.  Includes witnesses, other police officers, anonymous tipsters, and persons who may reveal information through casual conversations.

Source of Information

***these persons are not "Confidential Informants"


A sworn member of the PPD who develops, activates, or coordinates the activities of a confidential informant.

Lead Control Officer


"Informant Supervisor"

Sworn member of the dept, holding the rank of ____ or above, who is the Lead Control Officer's immediate supervisor.



This file will identify the true name of the confidential informant and will be kept by the ____ in a secure locked area with strict access control.  This file will also contain a log to track District Control numbers associated with an individual informant.  This log will also track the arrests and dispositions of those cases associated with the confidential informant.


Integrity control officer


The ___ file wil include the confidential informant's control number along with operational reports and records that document the activities and contacts between the CI and the controlling officer.  This file will also contain a log to track DC numbers associated with an individual informant.  Additionally, this log will track the arrests and dispositions of those cases associated with the confidential informant.

"Operational File"


A  ___ is a properly registered and approved confidential informant who is eligible to receive payments for providing information or assistance regarding criminal activity.

Active Informant


A ____ is a CI who is no longer in a position to provide information or assistance regarding criminal activity, or one who has been determined to be ineligible to receive payments.

"Deactivated Informant"


A CI who is deactivated for less than ____ can be reactivated when the controlling officer submits a current records check and a reactivation memo to ____.

If the CI has been deactivated for more than ____, a new registration packet must be submitted to ____.

1 year

The Integrity Control Officer


A ____ is a CI who has intentionally provided false information or who has displayed unsatisfactory or criminal behavior and cannot be reactivated.

"Terminated Informant"


An investigator shall not use an informant who has been arrested/convicted of sex crimes involving minors; exceptions will be based on ____ with the approval of ____.

the merit of the case

The appropriate Deputy Commissioner


Officers must register the CI through the chain of command to ___ and submit documentaion to ____.  Approval must be obtained through ____ prior to utilizing the CI.

The Commanding Officer

The Integrity Control Officer


The Informant Registration Packet will include:

  • Confidential informant checklist
  • Biographical Data Report (229)
  • NCIC/PCIC Extract
  • Current Photograph (must be updated every TWO YEARS or when appearance changes) AND a BMV or arrest photograph
  • Criminal Record Extract (PDCH)
  • BMV Extract
  • Debriefing Form
  • TWO signature cards; CI's will ONLY be paid by his MASTER or BIRTH name
  • Informant Initiation Instruction Form
  • Informant Memo to CHIEF INSPECTOR, Office of Professional Responsibilty
  • Memo detailing associating with any other L/E agencies
  • Names/Badge numbers of lead control officer, witnessing officer, and informant supervisor
  • Names/Badges of all other police personnel who know the identity of the CI
  • Name, date of any prosecutor who knows the identity of the CI


If an exigent circumstance precludes registering the CI, the officer shall obtain the approval of ___ prior to utilizing the informant.

their immediate supervisor