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Types of Deaths


  • Natural
  • Sudden
  • Suicide
  • Suspicious
  • Accidental


Death from apparently known and natural causes, in which a definite diagnosis can be made, either from hospital records or by the family physician that attended the victim prior to death.

"Natural Death"


Unexpected death, or occurance of death, the cause of which is unknown (eg- death where the victim has not recently been under the care of a physician for illness which might be fatal).

"Sudden Death"


The taking of ones own life voluntarily and intentionally.

"Death by Suicide"


Death with questionable circumstances.

"Suspicious Death"


Death by an unexpected occurrence.

"Accidental Death"


Assigned Det will investigate all deaths by sudden, suspicious, accidental, and suicidal causes.  (Except when in a Police Detention Facility... Homicide)


Assigned Det will notify ___ in ALL cases of juvenile deaths.  Assigned Det will notify ___ in cases of sudden and suspicious deaths of juveniles.

Department of Human Services (DHS)

Special Victims Unit (SVU)


In cases of suspected child abuse, ____ will determine investigatice responsibiity.

SVU Supervisor


Whenever there is a sudden death of a juvenile that HAS NOT been ruled a homicide, the investigator will confer with ____ for possible charges.

Chief Assistant District Attorney, Family Violence/Sexual Assault Unit


Notify ____ in all cases of suspicious death.

Homicide Division


In natural cause deaths, assigned investigator will obtain a copy of ____ and maintain it with the file.

MEO report


____ will investigate all deaths (and attempted suicides) in cell blocks.

The investigation will be classified as ____ until the cause of death is established by the MEO.

Homicide Division

"Sudden Death"