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What are the costs of discipleship in true greatness

• Jesus said to his disciples "if anyone wants to be first, he must be very last, and serve the of all" meaning to be a disciple you he to give everything up to become truly great which would have been difficult
• Jesus ideas of true greatness are very different from other ideas in his society and today's society, sometimes it is is very difficult to understand what Jesus wants from us


Why true greatness causes problems for christians today

• many Christian's have made a living for themselves and would think it's unfair to give all of this up
• Jesus society was very different to ours they didn't have to face as many pressures as we do today and therefore it seemed much easier for them to give up things as many were poor and didn't have much to give up
• the church seems to have a structure of greatness e.g. The pope and priest this is wrong as greatness shouldn't be resembled as status or that one person is better than the other


The costs of discipleship in the parable of the tenants

• disciples have to be fully committed in spreading gods word even if they know they may face death, this is a very difficult decision for disciples to make.
• disciples may have to suffer the actions of those who mock them for their beliefs and messages in god. Making it difficult to accept this fair. As they got beaten in the story
• disciples should know that they have to obey god and be servants to him such as the slaves in the story, to be accepted by god and enter his kingdom.
•Disciples should be prepared to proved the grapes of the story, meaning god expects us to do good. Even if it goes before our family's and friends


The story of the parable of tenants for Christians today

• Christians must do the good of god, otherwise they will become like the tenants but it is difficult including god in every decision you make
• it's expected that a follower of Jesus spreads the word of god, this can be done through the reading of the gospels at church.
• Christians today are expected to put their life on the line for god such as the servants in the story but many Christians struggle with this and lose faith.
• just like In the teachings of what makes a disciple, Christians today must treat those they do not like with respect and civility.


How the problems of discipleship are shown in the parable of the sower

• the disciples did not understand the parable and this shows that even close followers of God such as the disciples did not understand teachings or gospels.
• the disciples lack of understanding as they do not try to understand or listen what Jesus tells them about the story shows they are failing Jesus and they have lack of faith.
• the story presents that gods message is sometimes difficult to spread through the use of the thorns, seeds and the rocks. The symbols of these things presents that one is not always likely to be successful in spreading the teachings of Christianity as a disciple.


Thorn, rocks and seeds

Rock = people who lose enthusiasm
Seeds = people who ignore the word of god
Thorn = pressure of every day life


Why marks account causes problems today for Christians

• if the disciples could not understand the story and they were Jesus closest followers and it was explained by Jesus then how are Christians today going to understand such a confusing story today without Jesus explanation
• according to Mark, Jesus didn't want sinners to be forgiven which completely congrats to the story of tax collector Levi who had his sins forgiven
• marks account explains that it may be difficult for the disciples to spread their message as people may persecute them.


How problems of discipleship are shown in the failure of disciples

• Jesus tells peter that he will deny knowing Jesus and this shows the lack of loyalty peter has if Jesus knows that he is going to do this.
• the disciples let Jesus down when they all needed him in his most time of need where he is shown most vulnerable crying to god.
• Jesus emphasises that in life we must do what god wants even if they do not want to or when it's extremely difficult but the disciples failed this teaching


How it might help or cause problems for Christians today

• Jesus can understand that humans are weak and make mistakes, this gives support to Christians who have made mistakes today.
• it may confuse Christians as to why Jesus was praying to god to take his suffering away when Jesus is God.
• even though peter denied Jesus as Jesus predicted he became the first pope shows that their is always hope if you keep faith
• Jesus already knew his disciples weakness such as peter but already deceived to forgive them this shows that Jesus forgives human weakness and this is great comfort.


The commandments

The collection of 10 laws given by God



Followers of Jesus


The eye of a needle

A metaphor used by Jesus to show that wealth makes it very difficult to enter the kingdom of god


The kingdom

The rule of god in people's lives



A tax collector who was called to be a disciple


Peters denial

The way peter denied being a follower of Jesus after his arrest



Putting others needs before your own



An act of help or assistance


Sons of Zebedee

The brothers James and john whom Jesus called to follow him


True family

Those who follow the teachings of Jesus


True greatness

The teaching of Jesus, that service of others is true greatness


The twelve

The twelve selected from the disciples to be Jesus' closest disciples


Costs of discipleship in the story of the rich man

•Jesus' metaphor states it is impossible for a rich man to enter heaven, even if they are a good catholic.
• the rich man had to be completely devoted to god, it is difficult to confide all your trust in other people's hospitality and leave your belongings
• The rich man has to give up all his riches to enter heaven, seem unfair as his earning are made through hard work and now just have to be given up.
• the rich man follows the commandments and is loyal to god, but Jesus told him it is not enough. Could cause people to lose faith as they feel not worthy enough to enter heaven.


What problems does peters denial cause ?

• peter continued to let Jesus down, falling asleep was understandable at the garden of gethsemane, but refusing to acknowledge Jesus was worse because it was betrayal.
• peter insisted that he would rather die than deny Jesus.
• some Christians might find it hard to acknowledge him as a saint.
• it peter could let Jesus down, it makes it difficult today for Christians to stand up for their beliefs if they were threatened.


How might peters denial help Christians today?

• Even peter let Jesus down, and he was one of his most trusted disciples.
• Peter found the strength to carry on and became the first pope.
• Peter learned from Jesus and grew in spiritual strength and eventually he dies for his belief in Jesus.
• he learnt from his mistakes and was still able to do gods work. Shows how strong his faith was.


Disciples as role models

• Jesus' disciples learnt directly from him
• The disciples were willing to give up everything for Jesus even their families e.g. James and john left Zebedee.
• Peter became the first pope, this is very inspiring and shows the lengths faith can bring.

• the


How the nature of disciple is shown in the sending out of the twelve

• being a disciple is about getting out and doing service – to work as a player, rather than a spectator
• disciples must be focused on the task, not carrying extra baggage with them
• disciples should preach wherever they go and try to stop people from sinning
• disciples should work against evil • disciples should help sick people.


How the nature of discipleship is important for Christians today?

•Jesus can call any of us, we are all ordinary. Like the fisherman.
• Jesus called outcast and sinners eg Levi and this shows that any of us can be called, even if we have led sinful lives
• The disciple left their jobs and families to follow Jesus showing that following him requires self-sacrifice
• like the disciples who were told they were to become "fishermen of people" we should also work to spread the word of god.