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What is a DRA?

A single person DRB

Major construction projects are a high risk business; delays = common and this can frequently lead to disputes

Role of the DRA = to work with parties from commencement of the contract as a neutral member of
the team


What are the advantages of a DRA?

Work = proactive to ensure that disputes = avoided

Where problems arise, DRA will work between Employer and Contractor to ensure matters = resolved and formal disputes do not arise

If disputes do arise, then DRA has a final opportunity to resolve these with parties before formal dispute proceedings

Parties can avoid significant costs for arbitration / litigation and DRA can also assist parties in tailoring a DR mechanism best suited to resolving the specific dispute and achieving the interests of the parties


What are the disadvantages of a DRA?

Need to pay the DRA to be present throughout the entire job instead of ad-hoc

Working with a single person as opposed to a board with a collective decision