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What is diversity management

Diversity is a process of managemnet underpineed by set of values of employees differences and similarities so that they can achieve person growth and contribute positively to the organizational goals , secondly with globalization appreciate and understand differences. Further more, consider everybody equal and free from biases


what are the driving forces for diversity

Economic,social and cultural factors, technological changes, global and demographics are the driving force behind diversity. coupled with, new diverse demands of new employees working in new markets with shorter product life cycles are bringing in more women, Immigrants and part time workers into the organization. Furthermore, they are making diversity demands using both economic or legal means to retain ethnic and cultural identities


How must organizations respond

Organsistions must incorporate diversity management into HRM polices and practices .Diversity issues are an essential part of leading -edge sustainable companies think and behave and do business in the new economy


What as legislation being doing

1n the 1970 early 1980s , anti discrimination, equal opportunities and multi culteralsims have been integrated in to legislation to productively address diversity issues .


what is the affirmative act

The affirmative act was introduced in 1986 which required organistions to recruit,promote where possible women or members from minority groups


what is the work place gender equality

2012 act to promote equal opportunity for women in employment to give balance .


what do the laws to up hold

Differences among-ts people must be recognised and acknowledged and are protected by employment law,collective agreements and industrial relations.


to compete and survive into days economic climate what is not enough

To compete and survive technology ,efficient production and innovative products a are not enough . Having a rich intellectually based society will benefit the organization as they have competitive advantage through its human capital as they will be better able to negotiate,communicate and problem solve and understand what is needed to compete in the globalized market place.


Diversity is in organsitions policies Give examples

Diversity is embedded in recruitemnt selection,performance management, train and development , career development and promoting a cultural linguistically diverse employees


Describe the stages of Hrm roles in managing diversity in workplace.

Human resource management has role to influence boards and senior management in the importance and value of building an organsistion that focuses on diversity . Additionally,develop business strategies to support workforce and changes to management systems and policies that will support diversity as well as,developing diversity orientated leaders for the future.


what must Hrm to to do this

Human resource managers must assist executives by gathering evidence data through questionnaires, surveys about existing culture , setting parameters of the desired culture and develop polices and practices to ensure the desired culture is more diversity orientated.


next stage

Managerial leval must support principles by formulating and integrating and implementing Human resource practices and policies That show that they acknowledge its individual workers contributions.for example,employment structures and working hrs, Employer assistance programs and promotional and career pathways to promote a diverse workforce


next stage

Operational level, involves face to face contact with individual employees , offering support , career development and counseling and grievance resolutions
coupled with,carefully selected supervisors and managers that understand the nature and value diversity brings to the workplace and can implement appropriate polices and procedures .


advantages of having a diverse workforce

A company reputation that has good image for diversity will be far better placed to attract highly qualified and skilled workers from minority groups giving the organization competitive advantage .
Improved organisition performance as a result of, pool of knowledge and innovation gives competitive advantage
lower turn over of staff as employees feel valued , less likely to be absent
Building effective partnerships in the globalised economy as they are able to interact, manage and negotiate better as the greater variety of backgrounds, experience and knowledge and cultures and values


what does organsition culture give

Gives members and organsitions identity
Facilities collective commitment
Promotes social systems stability
Shapes workers behavior


Many orgaisistions now recognising value of managing diversity

The value of managing diversity and linking diversity initiatives to their strategic business plans ,as they now recognise that diversity leaders are business leaders and that diversity is about all aspects of doing d=business and not just managing people


Human resource managers and organsistions that have an inclusive workplace culture is achieved by

promoting, facilitating productive diversity that enhances muti- multiculturalism and breaks down ethic barriers and prejudice in the workplace will have a far more competitive workforce than its competitors .More importantly,the belief through demonstration in diversity must start from the top -from the ceo and leadership team and filter through out the business.