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Health and safety programs reflects an organsistions _______ concern for ___________ and _______ of _____ _____they should be linked to Organsistions
__________ O__________
Organisations have an _____ and __________ and
________ Obligations. To provide a _________ ______ environment . otherwise it exposes the organisation to ________ ________ and Legal _______

organsistions strategic
productivity and quality of work life.
Business objectives .
ethical , legal and business obligations
safe healthy . Otherwise it exposes the organizations to excessive risk l liability


Making health and safety and well being part of organsistaions culture is an _________ part of _____
___________ ______ That has systems that clearly define

integral part of good human resource management system that clearly defines polices,practices and procedures to deliver a healthy safe workplace culture


Occupational health and safety accounts for more what

production time lost than any other industrial disputes.


estimated 1.5 million

Australian workers have or had depression and accounts for thirty five percent workplace productivity loss.


causes for this

High work demands ,doing more with less .
lack of emotional support . little or no control over work and management pressures.


stress when it becomes bad

Only when stress becomes excessive over a prolonged period of time which then leads to physical and mental break down commonly know as burn out.


stress related illness accounts for

seventy five percent of all health problems.


benefits of stress

as stress increase the performance in a person improves as they use both their physical and mental resources to meet the challenge of the job . Stress is healthy part of work life if correctly manged


how handled / kelly Mcgonial

This will depend on the individual on how they perceive stress as a challenge or a threat . Kelly Mcgonial believes stress is good for the body and mind as it is a natural mechanism to prepare he body to be ready to perform and meet the challenges ahead. and that reseachers having been looking at stress in the wrong light as in being bad for your health.


stress out of work is greatest major cause of employee stress give examples

Researchers evidence suggest that stressors outside of work are the major causes of employee stres and not the workplace. For example family factors , ie women with multiple roles both at work and home higher potential for stress, similarly,money and cost of living family affairs , social and income inequality .
Personal factors such as unhealthy life styles , obesity ,drinking problems.
Work factors
work overload, inter personal relationships with colleagues a majour cause of stress .


equally work under load

having too little to do can alps cause stress known as rust out as boredom carriers a greater risk than a stress demanding job.


how can senior management in principle support health and well being in workplace

Most people spend nearly half of their working hours at at work therefore personal health and well being can be positively influenced by senior management both in principle and in resources.
for example : installing healthy vending machines in workplace, allowing flexible hrs to fit in exercises classes . giving employees a work life balance
having health programs and counselling rpgrams in the workplace.


how can it be encouraged by management

Senior management to commit in both principle and resources and involve all in planning process.even more, embedded in to the organsitionals culture and give incentives to encourage participation such as obtaining company discount schemes to local gyms providers .


how is it to be measure on return

It is important t that Human resource management evaluate the success of programs through dats analysis so return on captital can be calucated to show value the wellness programs bring


how can absence management be controlled

Absence is a growing issue for most employers and so
a strategy that could be used is to develop a wellness culture to replace a sickness culture by introducing different programs to support healthy life style choices, counseling , finical support programs, health programs on site .
this should reduce absenteeism and improve workplace performance as employees are supported in how to cope and be better educated and equipped to mange a wide range of issue they may face in day to day life.


negative effect of absence mangemnet

In contrast,negative effect can be Presentsim where by an employee even when sick still works due to stigma of taking time off work as sign of weakness or lack of commitment to the company can lead to more illness, decreased morale and lower productivity


benefits of having wellness in workplace culture

will seek competitive advantage by promoting employee commitment and well being by providing a safe work culture. The company's image as a preferred employer increased trust and moral of workforce
lower costs and increased produvtivty
reduced overheads and insurance claims against company.



accidents and illness resulting from physical or mental suffering are a major cost for employers and community due to loss of experiences s workers, increased premiums for workers compensation


challenges work health and safety changes

not aligned nationally
western Australia and Victoria have refused to adopt model of health work and safety act.
Political infighting between states and federal.

Half hearted effort of governments , companies and unions opposed to the reform
12 major acts and 166 amnmendmnets to ohs legislative


what are the success of work health and safety act

Education is successful as work health safety act is now at board room level and and business have increased liability and other persons involved in managing the risk



Organsistions have an ethical, ;legal and business obligation to provide a workplace for their employees that is safe and healthy environment. Human resource must be at the forefront there fore must value its human capital and focus on educating employees about mental illness, providing management and co workers support , offering workplace flexibility and ensuring employee assistance programs are readily available.
By integrating personal health and well being it will encourage a healthier and more resilient employees and give the company an competitive edge over its revivals.


Health and safety programs reflect an organisation's strategi concern for _____________ and ______________.

productivity and quality of work life


What should health and safety programs be linked to?

Strategic Business objectives