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What are chromosomes and where are they found?

Threadlike structures made from DNA which are double stranded and twisted into a double helix. It is found in the nucleus


What does DNA code for?

It carries the genetic code for making proteins


What are the 4 bases that make of sub units of DNA?

Adenosine, thymine, Guanine and Cytosine


How are the complementary bases linked?

By weak bonds


What does the sequence of bases code for?

The order of amino acids which are joined together to make a protein


What is a gene?

A section of DNA which codes for a protein


What is the triplet code?

A group of three bases form a triplet, each triplet codes for a different amino acid


What is the process of protein synthesis?

1) mRNA uses DNA as a template and takes a complementary copy of the DNA
2) mRNA then leaves the nucleus and travels to a ribosome
3) The ribosome "reveals" the sequence of bases on the mRNA ensuring the correct amino acid is carried into place
4) Each amino acid is brought into line, it is joined to it's neighbor by a chemical bond until long chains are formed
5) The chains are shaped into the form required for that particular protein