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Explain the case of Clive wearying ?( supports memory biological approach)

-worst cases of amnesia in world
-resonned conductor where he was at his peak of profession when he contracted a virus ,went on to destroy parts of his brain resulting in memory loss
- one weekend in march 1985 - returned home looking flushed/ feverish
-sat-headaches, tue- didn't sleep (102) wed- confused and couldn't remember wife's name (104 temp) , doctors came ad went , Deborah left him asleep when she returned he wasn't there , she phoned local police & hospitals
- he had gone out fully dressed with a newspaper under his arm called a cab but when he got in it he forgotten where he was going and lived
- taxi dropped him off at nearest police station in which identified him Bu bank card
- doctors concluded that he was suffering from serve bout of flu
- rushed to hospital st Mary's, his brain was being attacked by herpes simplex or cold sore virus
-rarely virus can cross the blood brain barrier & cause encephalitis (inflammation of brain)
- virus destroyed hippocampus which is crucial for memory & left him with amnesia
- still had ability to play panic unaware though
- only recognises his wife
- keeps a diary & record - first moments of wakefulness & ludticuy
- forgets making entry
- he has no memory of any event on life
-he can mind key nums , early name for childhood , good vocab & can read & write but dosent know he does it.


Describe the case of HM ( biological approach)?

- patient HM surgical removal of medical temporal lobes which resulted in anterograde amnesia ( difficult forming new memories) & nedogium ( forming/using new words)
- procedural , semantic , speech , writting & reading was left unaffected
- this suggests that Hipo campus is directly involved in formation of episodic memories but forms not part of the formation of procedural memories