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List 5 different drawing techniques

• isometric drawing
• 2 point perspective
• orthographic drawings
• planometrics
• nets


Isometric drawing characteristics

• an accurate method of showing 3 faces
• used widely for designing and sketching ideas
• all lines are scaled so accuracy is intact
• horizontal lines are 30 degrees to the horizontal
• all vertical lines are at 90 degrees to the horizontal
• circles are ellipse


2-point perspective characteristics

• used in architecture and interior design
• objects appear to get smaller as they converge at the vanishing points
• 2 vanishing points give length and width
• street view - objects on the horizon line
• worms eye - object above the horizontal line, showing bottom
• birds eye view - objects below the horizontal line, showing up


Orthographic drawings characteristics

• 1st angle and 3rd angle projections
• used in engineering drawings, plans and models
• front, side and plan elevations
• hidden detail such as holes shown by noted lines
• section views taking a slice through the object to show detail of internal elements


Planometric (axonometric) characteristics

• also known as axonometic drawing
• best for architectural drawings
• drawn at 45 degrees to the horizontal
• circles drawn as circles so some perspective is lost
• dimensions are true or scaled
• verticals can be scaled down to avoid distortion


Nets characteristics

• a 3D design can be created using a 2D drawing
• solid black lines are cut lines
• dotted lines are fold lines
• tabs are essential construction elements to apply glue for fixing
• a closure system is a tuck flap or crag base