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What is the intention of the cascade?

To increase the range of drugs available for veterinary use.


How do you use the cascade?

If there's no medicine authorised in the UK for a specific condition, the vet surgeon- to try and avoid unacceptable suffering- may treat the animal in accordance with:
- A drug authorised in the UK for a different species or for a different condition in same species
- If there isn't the above then a medicine authorised for human use int eh UK OR a vet drug from another member state/ country outside EU in accordance with an import certificate from VMD.
-If not possible a medicine prepared extemporaneously by a vet, pharmacist of person holding a manufacturers authorisation.


What must be the case before human drugs can be used?

There must not be a suitable veterinary medicine available


Describe SAES in terms of the cascade

- A vet may choose to use an SAES drug at any time in accordance with the drugs recommended use
- Cascade neither prevents compels use of SAES drugs


In which circumstances would you need an STC?

- For drugs that don't have full marketing authorisation
-a drug authorised in a country outside the EU
-human medicine from out the UK


What are the minimum withdrawal times for different food animals?

-Meat/ poultry= 28 days
- Milk= 7 days
-Eggs= 7 days
-Fish= 500 degree days for meat from fish


Describe controlled drugs

- Under Misuse of Drug Regulations 2001 Controlled Drugs are classified into 5 schedules


What is schedule 1 of CDs?

- Vets have NO authority to possess
-Home office license needed to possess it


What is schedule 2 of CDs?

Morphine, pethidine, fentanyl, methadone, ketamine
- Kept in a locked cabinet secured to fabric of the building at all times
-Receipt/ supply must be added to the CD register
-Written prescriptions valid for 28 days, no repeats permitted


What is schedule 3 of CDs?

-Buprenorphine, pentobarbital, tramadol
- Subject to safe custody requirements but don't have to be recorded in CD register


What is Schedule 4 of CDs?

Split into 2 parts: Benzodiazepines (diazepam) and anabolic/ androgenic steroids
- No control, invoices must be kept for 2 years


How do you dispose of CDs?

-Must be denatures, schedule 2 requires a witness of destruction.