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What drug factors can be affected by route chosen?

-Route may effect frequency (temperament of animal, owner compliance etc)
-Route may effect efficacy
-Route may effect safety (can be fatal if given wrong way)


What owner factors should you consider when choosing a drug?

-Financial considerations for treatment/ diagnosis
-Owner compliance
-Owner education/ training


What practice factors can effect your decision when choosing a drug?

-Big corporate practices make big deals with drug companies
- Drugs kept in the pharmacy can limit you
- Practice experience


What are the different types of adverse reactions?

1) lack of efficacy
2) exaggerated normal response (often dose related)
3) hypersensitivity (non dose related)
4) toxic effects
5) idiosyncratic


What is an adverse event?

Unintended/ noxious response to a drug that occurs within reasonable time frame following administration


Who do you report an adverse reaction to?

Vet medicines directorate- an agency of DEFRA