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Do not have to be occupied, up to 5 roomers or boarders, can be in poor to good condition, can choose any/all coverages, and only uses property coverage




Dwelling must be insured’s home, up to 2 roomers or boarders per family, must be average to good condition, and must take all coverages


Eligible for DP


1-4 units or apartments, under construction, vacation home, or rental, 1-unit mobile home in a permanent location, or have a resident with incidental occupancy i.e., office, studio, storage, etc.


Not Eligible for DP


5+ units, farm dwelling, mobile home on wheels, or residence with retail business.


Dwelling Perils

Basic Form (DP 00 01): Automatically covers direct physical loss to covered property caused by fire, lightning, or internal explosion. Extended coverages may be added, such as WHARVVES (Wind, Hail, Aircraft, Riot, Vehicles, Volcano, Explosions, and Smoke)
Broad Form (DP 00 02): Provides broad (named peril) coverage. Includes basic perils and Damage by burglars, weight of ice, snow, or sleet, falling objects (trees), Freezing, accidental discharge or overflow of water or steam, sudden/accidental damage from artificially generated electrical currents (Power Surge), and Sudden/accidental tearing apart, cracking, burning. or bulging of an appliance for heating water. 
Special Form (DP 00 03): Provides Special (open peril) coverage. Perils are excluded rather than covered. Covers direct physical loss to covered dwelling.

Property Coverages


A. (Dwelling): covers dwelling on covered property, materials and supplies used in the construction of dwelling, and any building equipment used to service location. Does NOT apply to land.
B. (Other Structures): Separated structures by a clear space on covered property. Detached garage, shed, pool, well, etc. Does NOT apply to land, commercial purposes, or rented structures.
C. (Personal Property): Covers personal property usual to occupancy of dwelling owned by insured or guests/servants while on insured location. Does NOT cover animals, aircraft, boats, motor vehicles, stamps, credit cards, or art.
D. (Fair Rental Value): Provides coverage for indirect losses. Used by landlords.
E. (Additional Living Expenses): In Broad and Special Forms. Covers any necessary increase in living expenses incurred by insured when loss to covered property occurs.
F. (Other Coverages): Other structures, debris removal, Alterations/additions, Reasonable repairs, property removed, Fire Department service charges (up to $500 to cover charges by a FD), trees and shrubs removed, collapse, and glass or safety glazing material.