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Farm Property Coverage Form


A: Dwelling - Replaces at least 80% of replacement cost of loss.
B: Other Private Structures - Structures used for farming purposes. Outdoor tv antennas and towers are limited to $250
C: Household Personal Property - Similar to HO coverage.
D: Loss of use - Covers additional living expenses and fair rental value.
E: Scheduled Farm Personal Property - Provides blanket coverage for farm personal property on and off premise. Includes: farm products, poultry, livestock, machinery, vehicles, and equipment used in operation on the farm.
F: Unscheduled Farm Personal Property - Provides blanket coverage on and off premise. Includes: Grain, feed, hay, fertilizer, beans, and seeds livestock in transit, stockyards, plants, warehouses, etc.
G: Other Farm Structures - Farm structures and buildings other than dwellings. Sheds, silos, corrals, chutes, feed racks, etc. Coverage is on a replacement cost at the time of loss.
H: Bodily injury and property damage liability
I: Personal and advertising injury liability
J: Medical Payments Coverage
Supplementary payments (H and I) and damage to property of others.