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Give 3 religious responses to when life starts

Islam - potential life from moment of conception. they believe life starts after 120 days when foetus gets a soul.

Christianity - Catholic Church take absolutist position - abortion is almost always wrong as life starts at conceptio Church of England prefer to be more compassionate but agree that conception is the start of life.

Buddhism - life exists before conception there is no start. all things are trapped in the cycle of Samsara.

Hinduism/Sikhism - life starts at conception and is unique

Judaism - life starts at birth but soul exists since conception


Explain the law that allows abortion.

The 1967 Abortion Act stops doctors getting prosecuted IF 2 doctors agree the birth would harm the mother physically or mentally, the baby would be born with major issues, or its birth would be a major problem to existing family.


Give reasons a mother would decide to have an abortion

The mother could be very young.
Could cause resentment in mother ie taking away money that could be spent on drugs.
Babies father doesn't want it.
Child caused be rape/incest.
The parent cannot afford another child.


Give 2 different religious views on abortion with quotes

Christianity - Catholic Church are very proud life "abortion and infanticide are abominable crimes" "you shall not kill an unborn child"

Christianity - the church of england take a relativist position and think that "Abortion is wrong in an ideal world, but in this world it is sometimes the only answer"

Islam - extremely pro life. They ban people who actually do the abortions from heaven - "No severer of womb-relationship ties can enter paradise" this is from the Hadith. They also believe that the later the Abortion is the greater the sin is.


Give 3 pro life arguments

Belief in the Sactity of life
Depression and Guilt can follow abortion
Unwanted children can be adopted
The UN say "Children need protection before and after birth"
Abortion can be used selfishly to avoid responsibility.


Give 3 pro choice arguments

Believe in Quality of Life (a standard of comfort and happiness)
It is the mothers right to choose
Life doesn't start until foetus viability.
The risk to mother health outweigh the babies rights.
If abortion is made illegal then more dangerous backstreet abortions will occur.