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Give 3 forms of discrimination and explain who they are mistreating.

Sexism - mistreatment of someone based on gender
Ageism - mistreatment of someone based on age
Ableism - mistreatment due to disability
Homophobia - mistreating someone due to their sexuality, generally anti-gay but can be anti-lesbian or anti-bisexual etc


Explain what scapegoating is and stereotyping and give historical examples.

Scapegoating - a person or group made to take blame for others
Stereotyping - having an oversimplified image of a group of people.
Both were used on Jews during WW2.


Give 4 reasons for prejudice

Not knowing a group of people well
Lack of education
Fear and Uncertainty
Bad individual experience of that group of people
Influenced by friends and family


What is the Christian response to prejudice?

"Love your neighbor as you love yourself"
"There is no jew or gentile we are all one in christ"
Idea that we are all made from Adam and Eve so should be treated equally.


What is the Hindu response to prejudice?

Everyone is worthy of respect
God is present in every being so treat them well
However Hindus believe in a caste system based on karma so this can lead to prejudice against Shudras (the lowest caste)


Give definitions of Justice, Tolerance, and Harmony

Justice - bringing about what is right and fair according to law
Tolerance - respecting the beliefs and practices of others
Harmony - living in peace with others


What do Sikhs think about prejudice ?

All men and women are equal and made by God
God is formless and has no colour so it is wrong to discriminate due to race


Give Buddhist viewpoints on prejudice

Everyone has potential to reach enlightenment.
Right Speech and Right Action and Loving Kindness are parts of the 8-fold path.
All member of the Sangha (community) are equal.


What does Islam say about prejudice?

Muhammed saw non muslims as part of the Ummah (Muslim community) in Medina.
All humans are made from Adam and Eve.
Greater Jihad - the daily struggle to improve themselves and their community.


Name some government anti-prejudice laws.

Race relations Act
Sex Discrimination Act
Disability Discrimination Act
Equality Act


Give at least 4 reasons why multiculturalism is good

Exposure builds tolerance and understanding of culture
Interfaith cultures can lead to intermarriage which brings communities even closer together.
Multiculturalism makes people less ignorant.
It means society has a wider range of views allowing more growth in unexpected areas.