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Give 4 causes of war

Power ie more influence/greater reputation
Money (kind of obvious)
Defence ie from hostile nearby countries
Freedom ie from a dictator/unpopular government
Resources ie oil


Give 2 arguments for war and 3 arguments against it

To replace a corrupt government
To achieve a goal ie independence
Many people die
Can cause a refugee crisis ie Syria/Aleppo
Can cause Bankruptcy
Causes incredible amounts of environmental damage.


Give details on an example war (I chose vietnam)

1959 to 1975
Northern communists vs southern capitalists.
North was backed by China, south by the USA
North won
North reunified with the south to form communist vietnam
Communist Vietnam took over Laos and Cambodia
This created a large refugee crisis


What is pacifism? Give an example

The belief of anyone who refuses violence in any form. An example would be the Quakers.


Give reasons for pacifism

Belief in Sanctity of life or that everyone deserves respect
Religious idea that killing is wrong
Practical belief that war causes more problems than it solves
War causes suffering.
War is incredibly bad for the environment.
Idea that negotiations make nations look better and more reasonable (arguably weaker too)


Give 2 contrasting religious responses to wars

Judaism - God is a warrior in the tenath, and Jews are taught to defend themselves in proportion to attacks. Most see fighting in a war started in self defense as almost obligatory.

Sikhism - Sikhs carry a Kirpan (religious knife) at all times to symbolise willingness to defend religious freedom. A Just War is allowed, but not if it is fought in revenge. Minimal force must be used.

Christianity - some are pacifists ie the Quakers because "Thou shalt not kill". They do support Just Wars though

Buddhism - killing is always wrong but if motivated by love killing might nearly be acceptable, ie a mercy kill . BUT Buddhists killing for love have to accept bad spiritual consequences for it. Buddhist countries have armies for defence only.


What are some possible consequences of war?

Innocents dying
Environment destroyed
Refugees created
Economic crisis
Depletion of natural resources


Give the 6 Just War criteria. Or just give 3 and explain them. Your choice.

Fought in self defence - because starting a war can never be seen as right. Defending yourself is OK though.

Must be the last resort - because if the goal could be achieved by negotiations then anyone who dies during the war has their life wasted.

The good achieved must outweigh the bad, or else the war will have been fought to worsen a situation not fix it.

Excessive force must be avoided, because the more force applied to a country the more likely civilian casualties are.

Must have a decent chance of success, because otherwise the lives lost will be huge in number and lost for nothing.

Must be lawfully started by a proper authority, to prevent tiny conflicts by relatively unimportant soldiers escalating quickly.


What are the criteria for a holy war?

Fought for a religious cause
Led by a religious leader.
A spiritual reward for all who take part.
Some are fought to reclaim holy items or lands.


Give an example of a religious leader who supported holy war (also spell his name)

Ayatollah Khomeini
- became Ayatollah in 1920
- got arrested for opposing the pro western government in Iran at the time
- got exiled after being caught inciting rebellion
- after the Iran government was overthrown, he rejoined Iran and turned it into an Islamic Republic
- Islamic law was introduced for all of Iran.


Give the names of some war related aid organisations

Salvation Army
Red Cross
Christian Aid


Name a religious leader who supports peace

Dalai Lama
Ran to India after the China-Tibet conflict
He refused to let violence be used in response
He urged people to use tolerance and mutual respect to find a solution