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What constitutes an early period?

9 days early so that cycle is less than 28 days for 2 successive periods


Early Periods E and P -5

1) excessive physical work, irregular diet
2) overwork, menopausal decline of KD qi
3 )irregular diet, invasion of external heat
4) emotional stress
5) chronic illness, overwork


Early Period - SP Qi Xu SX

early period, pale and dilute menstrual blood, SoB, loose stools, epigastric distention T: pale P: weak


Early Period SP QI Xu points

ST 36, SP 6, CV 12, GV 20, CV 4, CV 6


Early Period - KD Qi not Firm SX

Early period, pale dilute menstrual blood, lower backache, dizziness, nocturia, feeling cold P: T: Pale and swollen P: Deep and weak


Early Periods KD Qi not Firm points

LU 7, KD 6, KD 7, BL 23, ST 36, BL 20, GV 20, CV 4, KD 13, CV 6


Early Period - Full Heat - Blood Heat sx

Early period, heavy with bright-red, or dark-red blood, anxiety, mental restlessness, red face, thirst, dark urine, dry stools T: Red w/yellow coat P: Full and wiry in middle level


Early Period Full Heat, Blood Heat points

LU7 R, KD 6 L, CV4, LI 11, SP 10, BL 17, SP 6, LV 2, LV 3, KD 2, SP 8


Early Period, LV Qi Stagnation, Fire, Blood Heat SX

Early period that is heavy w/dark blood and clots, abdominal pain, pre-menses breast distention, irritability, bitter taste, dry throat T: Red w/redder sides P: Wiry and Rapid


Early Period, LV Qi Stagnation, Fire, Blood Heat points

LV 2, LV 3, KD 2, CV 4, LV 14, LI 11, SP 10, SP 6, SP 8


Early Periods, Empty Heat, LV and KD Yin XU sx

Early Period, scanty or heavy, malar flush, feeling of heat in the evening, dizziness, tinnitus, 5 palm heat, night sweating T: Red, no coat P: Floating-empty, or Fine, Rapid


Early Periods, Empty Heat, LV and KD Yin XU points

LU 7, KD 6, CV 4, KD 3, LV 8, SP 6, KD 2