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vaginal itching definition

persistent itching of the vulva and/or vagina which may be accompanied by excessive vaginal discharge or may also occur on its own.


etiology - 4

Emotional problems,
Irregular diet,
Excessive physical work,


pathology - 4

Related to Liver, Spleen and Kidneys


Damp heat in LV channel sx

Intense vulvar or vaginal itching, yellow vaginal discharge, occasionally pain on intercourse, mental restlessness, irritability, insomnia, dark urine
T: Red, redder sides, yellow sticky coat on root with red spots
P: Slippery or Wiry


Damp heat in LV channel points

CV 3, CV 2, LIV 5, LIV 4, SPS 9, SP 6, BL 33


Dampness and SP qi xu sx

Vulvar and vaginal itching, a slight white vaginal discharge; tiredness, loose stools
T: Pale with sticky white coating
P: Weak and slightly Slippery


Dampness and SP qi xu points

SP 9, SP 6, CV 12, CV 9, ST 36, BL 20, BL 22, BL 32, BL 33, CV 4, CV 2


LV and KD yin Xu sx

Slight itching of the vulva and vagina with a burning sensation, dryness of the vagina, 5 palm heat, dizziness, tinnitus, feeling of heat in the afternoon
T: Red without coating P: Floating Empty


LV and KD yin xu points

CV 4, LIV 8, SP 6, KD 3, LU 7 R, KD 6 L, LIV 5, CV 3


Genital Eczema: Damp Heat in the LV channel sx

Genital eczema with papules which ooze a fluid, genital area red and moist, itching
T: yellow sticky coating
P: Slippery, Wiry on left middle position


Genital Eczema: Damp Heat in the LV channel points

LU 7 R, KD 6 L, CV 1, SP 9, SP 6, LIV 5, BL 22, LI 11, Baichongwo


Genital Eczema: Blood Xu and Dry sx

Genital eczema with thickening of the skin, vaginal dryness, dry-red rash, itching
T: Pale, thin and dry P: Choppy


Genital Eczema: Blood Xu and Dry points

LU 7, KD 6; CV 4, ST 36, SP 6; SP 10, Baichongwo;