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Bleeding betw Periods definition

Bleeding that occurs consistently at about the mid-point of the cycle
Bleeding may last 1-2 days, or longer (may be mistakenly diagnosed as Early Period)


Bleeding betw Periods Etiology - 4

1) Overwork, too many children too close together
2) Irregular diet
3) Traumas, abdominal operations, post-partum blood stasis
4) Excessive physical exercise


Bleeding betw Periods Pathology - 4

1) LV and KD yin xu w/empty heat
2) Damp Heat
3) Blood Stasis
4) SP and KD yang xu


LV and KD Yin Xu w/Empty Heat Sx

Bleeding at mid-cycle that is scanty, scarlet-red and without clots, no abdominal pain, dizziness, tinnitus, night sweating, backache, dark urine
T: Red without coating P: Floating empty or Fine rapid


LV and KD Yin Xu w/Empty Heat points

LU 7, KD 6, CV 4, KD 3, SP 6, KD 5, KD 13, I 11, SP 10, KD 2, SP 8


Damp Heat Sx

Mid-cycle bleeding that may be heavy or scanty, sticky-viscous blood, no clots, fatigue, joint aches, feeling of oppression of the chest, poor appetite, scanty-dark urine, vaginal discharge.
T: Sticky yellow coating
P: Slippery


Damp Heat points

SP 9, SP 6, ST 28, CV 9, BL 22; CV 3, GB 41, TW 5;
ST 29, SP 1, BL 32, SP 8


Blood Stasis SX

Bleeding between periods that may be scanty or profuse, dark blood with clots, lateral abdominal pain, mental restlessness
T: Purple
P: Wiry


Blood Stasis points

SP 4, PC 6; CV 6, ST 29, SP 10, KD 14, BL 17, SP 6, SP 1, SP 8


SP and KD Yang Xu sx

Bleeding between periods that be scanty or profuse, red blood without clots, no abdominal pain, dizziness, tinnitus, backache, knee-ache, loose stools, tiredness, depression, feeling cold, frequent urination
T: Pale, swollen
P: Weak, deep


SP and KD Yang Xu points

BL 20, BL 23, CV 4, CV 6, CV 12, ST 36, SP 6, SP 8