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How is an earthquake caused

Tension that builds up at the plate margins


How does tension build up at destructive margins

When one plate gets stuck as it’s moving down past the other into the mantle


How does tension build up at constructive margins

Along the cracks within the plates as they move away from each other


How is tension built up at conservative plate margins

When plates moving past each other gets stuck


What happens in a earthquake after tension is built up

Sends out shock waves and the vibrations is the earthquake


How is an earthquake measured

Using the magnitude scale


What are the primary affects of an earthquake

Buildings and bridges collapse and homes destroyed
People injured or Killed


What are the secondary effects of earthquakes

Trigger landslides and tsunamis
People left homeless and could die from cold
Loss of income from damaged or destroyed businesses


What are the immediate responses of earthquakes

Rescue people trapped
Recover dead bodies to prevent the spread of disease


What are long term responses of earthquakes

Re-house people
Repair or rebuild damaged buildings
Improve building regulations so they are more resistant