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What is a natural hazard

A natural process which could cause death injury or destruction to humans or destroy properties and possessions


What are the two main types of natural hazards

Geological hazards
Meteorological hazards


What is at geological hazard caused by

Land and tectonic processes


What is a meteorlogical Hazard caused by

Cause by weather and climate


What factors affect hazard risks from natural hazards

Capacity to cope
Nature of natural hazard


How does vulnerability affect the hazard risk

The more people in areas exposed to natural hazards means the greater the probability they will be affaires


How do the capacity to cope affect hazard risk

The better the population can cope with an extreme event the lower the threat


How does the nature of a natural hazard affect the risk of one

The type of hazard is grater the others
The frequency, if the occur more often the more likely they’ll happen
The magnitude more sever hazards cause greater effects